New Partnership!


For the past few years I have been applying for public art projects, only to be rejected a few 100 times. I feel I was turned down not because of art but my lack of public art/free standing object experience.

About two years ago I started look for an artist who has experience with public art experience.  I’m proud to announce after an extensive search I’ve partnered with sculpture and welder Wayne Collins.


Wayne not only brings the ability to bring my ideas to the world of steel but brings more than 15 years experience in iron work and fabrication!

With our mutual love for art look for Wayne and I to maze out the public art community on a nationwide level in 2015!!! STAY TUNED in the new year!!!

~ by Warren Stokes on December 30, 2014.

5 Responses to “New Partnership!”

  1. congratulations!

  2. that’s so amazing, congratulations and may your influences inspire many

  3. An entrepreneurial spirit is good to have as an artist.

  4. Congrats!!! Much Success and Prosperity to you in 2015.


  5. Hey, Congratulations!


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