Art Resume

Warren Stokes
5300 s Cherry Creek Dr Unit 525
Colorado 80246
Telephone No: 303 319-0019
Email id:

Art Medium: Ink * Pencil* Canvass* Paper* Wood 

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Bachelor of Technical Journalism and Communications
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Cultural Anthropology
Graduation: June 1997

Relevant Work:

  1. Illustrations “The Miracle I almost missed” by Pam Boyd
  2. Illustrations Cover art “Legends of Green Isle Series” By Connie Wallace
  3. Illustrations of my own series of children’s books

 Volunteer/Project Experience:

  1. Currently working on a mural for Rocky Mountain Prep primary school
  2. Donated art piece for non-profit Step 13
  3. Donated art piece for non-profit Denver’s Peace Festival
  4. Donated art piece for non-profit Mile High Ambucs


  1. Maze a day daily art project. Viewed at I set a goal to create a piece of art daily for a year.  June 2011-present
  2. Art/story-time classes for youth.

4 Responses to “Art Resume”

  1. Warren,

    Is this current? I know a few things have changed. AND I know you have finished the first Maze a day project. Just a thought: Keep it Current.

  2. WOW! You Are amazing. Doing this artistic paint! Can you draw a portrait for me?


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