Never hurts to ask for help?

Belief brings experience.

Belief Creates

In my last post I shared my news of being accepted to a show in Pittsburgh.  I have yet to come up with the money to travel there.  The good news however is that I have a back up plan.  I have a friend that lives in Harrisburg and can do the show if I cannot make it.


In a last ditch effort to generate the funds I’m selling $20 8×11 or $10 4×6 postcard prints of my work  to raise funds for a flight for myself  or just the shipping of my art.  If you can help please visit to purchase a print!

I have 3 choices available if you want a print of a different maze please order and contact me with the print description.

~ by Warren Stokes on May 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “Never hurts to ask for help?”

  1. hese mazes are so cool! Do you make these yourself?


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