Walking the green mile, a mountain or molehill!

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Mountain or mole hill?

Mountain or mole hill? Maze by Warren Stokes

With 16 hours of work time remaining in the “sales” month and I’m 73k short of my 75k quota I’m finally at peace with whatever happens Friday.  My coworkers and I both believe I will get a stay of execution.

Reason 1 in the past six days I ID and got three companies to use our services that would have brought in 165k but because of various reasons my company won’t take their business.  All situations out of my control.  But proves I can do the job.

Reason 2 I created my own script and tally sheet that in various capacities the company now uses for new hires.

Reason 3 My work ethic. I’m always on time, 90% of the time take the most calls and as the VP of sales said I sound like I’ve been working the job for years.

With all that said sales is a full contact sport and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is did you reach your quota or not!

What has me at peace with not knowing what my financial future holds is the tools I learned from this job that if fired I will apply toward building my art career.  I average 250 calls a day that if I apply toward selling my art WOW!!!

And finally the confidence of selling that I learned I was missing the last time I sold art full time. I realize that in the past I was “offering” my art versus “selling” which is a big difference.  So only time will tell but regardless I’m now view it as a minor molehill!



You know your a Sideline Daddy if?

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Side Line Daddy

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

If you abuse the referees: This is one area where Sideline Daddies really act a fool! Regardless of the fact that without them you have no game parents treat these volunteers like the scum of the earth.

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

Regardless of the fact that they are humans and their kids are not pros in the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB  parents scream at, cuss out and on occasion threaten to “beat the referee’s ass after the game.”  I feel that this has 3 major impacts on our kids. First it teaches them to make excuses rather than to deal with “the call or no call.”  It shows the youth that they shouldn’t respect authority. The game is ruled by the refs so bottom line they need to be respected.  Finally the refs are human, if you don’t think its easier for them…

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A broken wallet is truly inspiring!

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Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

End of the month is always a stressful time in a sales persons life. As I approach the week almost 90% short of my quota and definitly on the chopping block I find peace in my family and art.

For those of you who have followed my maze-ing life you know that I’m a salesman and believe that it is also a key to my children future.  A few years ago I taught them how to sell and since that time they have flourished. Case in point in the past two days of business they have made $170. (They sell no soliciting signs door to door and my oldest actually broke his wallet from all the singles)

Yesterday they went out for 6 hours and didn’t make a dime the first 5 hours and just before they quit tried another door that lead to 5 straight doors and $40.  This has inspired me in my quest to reach my quota.

My sons ability to overcome adversity in sales has really given me the confidence to get back in the pool and pursue my art full time. I realize the art is much better and refined since I last tried to live off of it.  But more importantly my work ethic to sell and market full time is stronger than ever.

By Friday evening I will know what my future holds as a collections services salesman or an artist. Although I’m nervous I’m routing for full time artist!

Oops! Since I posted enjoy the art

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Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

This is a metamorphosis maze I did for a friend.


To grow we have to let go!

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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”  ― Barack Obama

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”  Barack Obama

I’ve showed this maze before but I wanted to share it again. My wife and I have had a hell of a past three years with arguments hurt and separation.  With the example my son set for me dealing with losing his girlfriend and my dealing with a bad coworker love has been on my mind.

I realize as she does that throughout all the pain we have put each other through we still are very much in love. More importantly last night I/we decided to be adults and let go of our grudges and anger to forgive one another and work to rebuild our family!

And so we let go so we can grow! I have a new goal for the year to put my family together and heal us so that we can continue on our soon to be 14 year journey into our life forever!

Your a Sideline Daddy if you!!!

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Side Line Daddy

page 9.2 001

Coaching behind the coaches back.  By asking, telling or demanding that your athlete “play” your way because the coach doesn’t know what they are doing is a classic example of being a Sideline Daddy. Imagine if your Mother came to your job and hollered at you about what to do instead of what your boss asked you to do it?

Life is hard enough for your kids let them be and play sports and not have to choose who to listen to. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!!!

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You know your a Sideline Daddy when you!!!!!

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Side Line Daddy

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

Pushing your kids to hard: The youth may have the goal to make the pros but until they get older let them relax.  Not only does pushing them too hard take the fun out of sports, it can also be dangerous to your player if you don’t know what your doing.

The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB only accept men so your boys have plenty of time to have fun playing sports. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!

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