I will bribe you to view my online art shows!

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Don't mistake slow progress for failure!

Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!

For weeks I’ve been trying to secure a gallery to show my work only to be rejected by galleries for a multitude of reasons.  I was told my maze art wouldn’t sell, its too gimmicky, too childish, & no one would come to see it.  My favorite rejection was that I don’t even make art. One space said yes but required “rent” for their walls & a commission. Do chefs have to pay the restaurant to cook????

After brainstorming how to share my work I decided to have a summer of virtual exhibitions for free & spend the hundreds it would cost to rent walls to “entice” people to come.

Starting in May through September each First Friday I will exhibit a new show on my new site http://www.mazeingworld.com .  In addition I will have free virtual goodies for visitors & chance to win a free gift worth hundreds of dollars!

Inspired by rejection I set 2  goals based on the feedback.

Goal 1. Have 10k total visitors view the 5 show series

Goal 2. Sell 5 original pieces and 5 prints

You can help in 3 ways

1. Join my email list: Maze-ing First Friday’s

2. Share with your friends

3. And most important visit & enjoy First Fridays this summer!


If you want to be a Sideline Daddy…… Volunteer!!!

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Side Line Daddy

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

You know your a Sideline Daddy when you argue with the coach about how your player should be used, the system that should be utilized and of course your views on what must be done to win.  Half the time parents suggest NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB etc, style tactics that are to advanced.

Unfortunately for the youth they get the brunt of Sideline Daddies wrath with their ideas on the ride home. Having been a volunteer coach for years now I realize that these parents should do less talk and more volunteering so that their opinions can be the voice of reason! Don’t take the love out of the game for your volunteer coaches and definitely don’t be a Sideline Daddy!

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Stay focused my friends!

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Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out!” Robert Collier

As we approach February and I reflect on the goals that I set for myself I can be proud of my efforts. Although I have missed a few deadlines I have finished many things. I realize that next month I will need to be more focused and directed in life and love versus productive and all over the place!

One of the positives I take from January is that I’ve been able to found inspiration in life and love specifically from my boys and have stayed motivated toward daily action even facing tough situations at work.



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