Your a Sideline Daddy if you!!!

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Coaching behind the coaches back.  By asking, telling or demanding that your athlete “play” your way because the coach doesn’t know what they are doing is a classic example of being a Sideline Daddy. Imagine if your Mother came to your job and hollered at you about what to do instead of what your boss asked you to do it?

Life is hard enough for your kids let them be and play sports and not have to choose who to listen to. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!!!

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You know your a Sideline Daddy when you!!!!!

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Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

Pushing your kids to hard: The youth may have the goal to make the pros but until they get older let them relax.  Not only does pushing them too hard take the fun out of sports, it can also be dangerous to your player if you don’t know what your doing.

The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB only accept men so your boys have plenty of time to have fun playing sports. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!

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Forever Roses!

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I wanted to share my public art partners work for Valentines Day. A master at wielding he created the rose that will last forever.  Ranging from $225 – $325 in price these would make a unique gift for the person you spend your life with in those relationships that have stood the test of time!

Being inspired by his work we are currently working on ideas to marry my mazes with his iron work to create some decorations for the home.  As well as secure some public art projects. We applied for a few light rail stations in the metro Denver area that we hope to secure by summer. Stay tuned to see some “maze-ing” iron work!!!

If you interested in purchasing one of his pieces feel free to fill out the form and he or I will contact you!

No Solicitation! Selling inspiration.

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Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

A few years ago I taught my boys the art of selling.  I wanted them to learn how to sell themselves so that they would always have a job, and more importantly never have to work for someone else.

After selling my art door to door I came up with the idea of selling no solicitation signs with my art. I taught them a script and now they run their own door to door no soliciting signs business.

Today as I sat at the office getting no love on the phones selling they were out going door to door building their confidence.  In 3 hours of selling they made $125.  MIND BLOWING!!!! I’m so proud of them.

My pride however had nothing to do with the money! My pride comes in their resolve to keep knocking when they get turned down. They made a lot of cash today (broke my sons wallet) but were turned down many times.  Daily they give me the confidence to continue on and go after my goals with a child’s reckless abandon.

The boy loved away the pain!

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Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

Inspiration! I’m currently separated and splitting custody of my 3 sons. After a negative stressful week at work it was a breath of fresh air last night when my boys came home.

I was blown away when my middle son shared his week. His ex girlfriend broke up with him because she said she didn’t want to date anyone.  He got to school the next day to find out she was dating his friend.

I consoled him and told him that first he was young, he was handsome and there is plenty of time and “fish” for him to find in life. Just don’t let it consume you.

What inspired me was how he handled the situation with love! He told me he was hurt and angry. He broke out paper and pencil and wrote 3 pages of what was on his mind and how it made him feel. The next day he returned to school happy and smiling to all of his friends amazement. At lunch he shared his writings with his friends not only exposing his feelings but laughing about it with them.

After hearing this I felt so empowered, so loved, so happy that my son gets it. As I reached out to all of the visitors to this blog for advice questions of loving my enemy, my son had all the answers I needed.  As we approach the MLK holiday this week and my sons response to unfavorable situations reminds me that love is the light that will lead us if we let it.

Happy for the weekend

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Maze by Warren Stokes

And well that is all I have to say about that!

You know your a sideline daddy if!!!

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Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

Always being negative: This is quite possibly the worst trait of a Sideline Daddy.  Those daddies that no matter what seem to find the negative in everything their player, the team, the coach, the ref, the opponent, the field, the weather, well you get my point.

Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes Sideline Daddy by Warren Stokes

You have to put yourself into the shoes of the players in this situation and think about how your negativity could be ruining what is supposed to be a fun event. But for your player in general this could embarrass them and possibly scar them for life.  Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!

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