Visit the link below to play the puzzle version of the mazes

11 Responses to “Show/Puzzles”

  1. They are really cool!

  2. Hello, I thought I’d reciprocate since you liked a post on my blog. I like the simplicity, rigour and discipline of your project. Repetition can certainly yield fruitful results as the production of each maze is modified by the decisions and learning prior to it. I’m a print maker so multiples, repetition and seriality are food to my soul. Some of your images made me think of the graphic artist M.C Escher, whose work features impossible constructions and tesselations, although I’m sure you’re aware of this.Good luck, often the hardest thing about being an artist is to just keep doing it.

    • Thanks for the comment and feedback. Yes I’m definitely inspired by Escher and learn a lot about where I want my art to go through his work. When I stumbled upon Escher I was trying to figure out ways to make the mazes harder. His work has a lot of use of illusion and dimension that I’ve learned to use. Thanks again for visiting.

  3. Just done Puzzle 8….how lovley, now I really must get back to the ironing but a very pleasant interlude. Love your art.

  4. What amazing art! Thanks for sharing them…really, really cool.

  5. Have you ever considered turning your mazes into an I-pad app? There’s always demand for original puzzle games. My husband is a professional game developer, and he’s interested in talking to you about it. It might be a better fit for marketing your mazes than traditional publishing/art shows. Just a thought. 🙂

  6. Spring B may be onto something there. Puzzles designed for mobile devices would be awesome. I see too many people doing lame games that require barely a thought. A maze really gets the brain going using visual, spacial, memory, and other capacities of logic and reason.

  7. Excellent work, so creative and unique, and thanks for your like on my Cultivating blog.

  8. Hi!

    Thanks for passing by! Nice job here! I don’t know you could fail in art when you’re obviously an artist!

    Keep the good a-maze-ing job up 😉

  9. […] The guy who runs this site does some fascinating work with mazes drawn as art. He sells his work, too. […]


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