Ice Hockey Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting.  As some of you know my 12 year old plays competitive hockey.  The fees are very expensive and we usually get scholarships to help cover the costs. His team starts the playoffs the first weekend in March. I need to pay $500 or he will be suspended.

How can you help? Purchase a print or a custom order and tell a friend.

How to order? Wave mouse over picture to get the nameFill out the contact sheet below.  I can accept Paypal, or order on Etsy, or quite honestly whatever it takes.  I prefer Paypal because they charge less than Etsy and will allow me to pay his fees faster. All prints will be shipped after payment is received.  If you don’t use Paypal please put how you prefer to pay and we can work it out.


8×11 = $25 includes shipping

11×14= $55 includes shipping

  • Custom sizes and commissioned work is available.  Fill out form and put size in the comments section for a price quote.
  • Original works are available upon request.



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