I will bribe you to view my online art shows!

Don't mistake slow progress for failure!

Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!

For weeks I’ve been trying to secure a gallery to show my work only to be rejected by galleries for a multitude of reasons.  I was told my maze art wouldn’t sell, its too gimmicky, too childish, & no one would come to see it.  My favorite rejection was that I don’t even make art. One space said yes but required “rent” for their walls & a commission. Do chefs have to pay the restaurant to cook????

After brainstorming how to share my work I decided to have a summer of virtual exhibitions for free & spend the hundreds it would cost to rent walls to “entice” people to come.

Starting in May through September each First Friday I will exhibit a new show on my new site http://www.mazeingworld.com .  In addition I will have free virtual goodies for visitors & chance to win a free gift worth hundreds of dollars!

Inspired by rejection I set 2  goals based on the feedback.

Goal 1. Have 10k total visitors view the 5 show series

Goal 2. Sell 5 original pieces and 5 prints

You can help in 3 ways

1. Join my email list: Maze-ing First Friday’s

2. Share with your friends

3. And most important visit & enjoy First Fridays this summer!



~ by mazemangriot on March 26, 2015.

7 Responses to “I will bribe you to view my online art shows!”

  1. Love your creativity! Signing up! ~Erica

  2. Have you ever tried creating your art (on an easel or something) at a popular and busy park or botanical garden to attract some attention? Spring is here and summer will be here soon too… the weather is getting nicer and nicer.


    • Thanks for the reply! I don’t have a studio so I usually draw in a public setting. It is a great way and outside of the internet the best way to reach people. Thanks and don’t forget to join my list for updates and invites to mazeing first fridays!

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  4. Have you ever thought about connecting with local hotels? A lot of them are BIG on showcasing local artists. Worth a shot!

    • Thanks for the idea. I thought about approaching hotel chains but never followed through. From my research they have specific buyers and I have been trying to identify them on linkedin! Thanks for the support and ideas.


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