Walking the green mile, a mountain or molehill!

Mountain or mole hill?

Mountain or mole hill? Maze by Warren Stokes

With 16 hours of work time remaining in the “sales” month and I’m 73k short of my 75k quota I’m finally at peace with whatever happens Friday.  My coworkers and I both believe I will get a stay of execution.

Reason 1 in the past six days I ID and got three companies to use our services that would have brought in 165k but because of various reasons my company won’t take their business.  All situations out of my control.  But proves I can do the job.

Reason 2 I created my own script and tally sheet that in various capacities the company now uses for new hires.

Reason 3 My work ethic. I’m always on time, 90% of the time take the most calls and as the VP of sales said I sound like I’ve been working the job for years.

With all that said sales is a full contact sport and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is did you reach your quota or not!

What has me at peace with not knowing what my financial future holds is the tools I learned from this job that if fired I will apply toward building my art career.  I average 250 calls a day that if I apply toward selling my art WOW!!!

And finally the confidence of selling that I learned I was missing the last time I sold art full time. I realize that in the past I was “offering” my art versus “selling” which is a big difference.  So only time will tell but regardless I’m now view it as a minor molehill!


~ by Warren Stokes on January 28, 2015.


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