Your a Sideline Daddy if you!!!

Side Line Daddy

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Coaching behind the coaches back.  By asking, telling or demanding that your athlete “play” your way because the coach doesn’t know what they are doing is a classic example of being a Sideline Daddy. Imagine if your Mother came to your job and hollered at you about what to do instead of what your boss asked you to do it?

Life is hard enough for your kids let them be and play sports and not have to choose who to listen to. Don’t be a Sideline Daddy!!!

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~ by Warren Stokes on January 23, 2015.

One Response to “Your a Sideline Daddy if you!!!”

  1. When my daughters were into softball (I was an assistant coach for the younger’s team), we had a dad like that… He was so bad he was banned from anywhere within 100′ of the dugout and field at practices and games.


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