Love your enemies! Is that the only way to move on?

Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes


On Monday I was very close to getting into a fight with a coworker.  This guy routinely tries to make people quit, is very negative and doesn’t abide by the rules.

A few weeks ago he told me that if he doesn’t like someone he picks at them to make them quit.  I told him that if you approach me like that I will man up.  So on Monday he (we are in sales) questioned me about a call. I told him that I didn’t want his help to which he hollered “Fuck you i hope you fail!”

I got out of my seat and went to his cubicle for further clarification. No punches were through but a lot of cuss words were thrown.  And we were separated by management.

Because he is a friend of the top guy they have tried to sweep it under the rug. To which I decided to report it to HR so that he will be on record as trying to get fellow employees to quite and harassing them. I also apologized for my unprofessional behavior and offered to go to anger management.

For those that have followed this blog know Im positive person and keep a positive but ever since Monday I have just wanted to smash his face in.  As I meditate several times a day to control my anger I try to send out love but its just not working.  I know life is short and I need to let it go but I don’t know how to deal with someone that I have so much hate for when i have to see them 40 HOURS A WEEK!!!!

~ by Warren Stokes on January 14, 2015.

12 Responses to “Love your enemies! Is that the only way to move on?”

  1. The problem you are having is with finding balance. You don’t know how to love him without letting him walk on you like a door mat. Yes?

    • You could say that.

      • Kinda figured, been there a time or two, you could say. Next question, and this is a little tougher. I’ve been following your mazes now for going on three years. You were one of the first people to visit my page and the second or third I followed – Fioretti was my first. Point is, I fancy you as a pretty smart fella to be able to do what you do. Am I right?

        Be honest because I can help you either way.

      • I guess. I think the major problem here with him is because he gets away with murder at work. We have a dress code and he ignores it. He was given permission to cuss another employee out by management if they were bothering him. But everyone else has to abide by the rules. Add that to his cocky attitude and I struggle not to look at it negatively

      • It’s all good man… You can outsmart this. First, you have to accept that your situation cannot be fixed when the deck is stacked against you, by conventional means. Second, he will dig at you until he finds a more exciting target. You want disimterest in this situation – you want to NOT be an interesting target. Now for the love part… People who mess with other people, when the deck is stacked in theiir favor, are sick, demented bastards – they’re wired wrong. That’s how you love them, they’re sick. Once you feel sorry for them they lose their power. Be careful with this knowledge… That putz sees you throwing him a pity party and it could get ugly. Good luck my friend, he’s just a sick jerk. Let him stew in his own juice.

      • Right on. I have pictures of my boys on the desk to remind me of what matters, what i can control and what is important. And I have taken more calls since this happened than ever to stay focused. Its just funny how “aware” I have gotten on how negativity effects me. Because it keeps creeping in by my jaw tightening. Especially when I hear his voice or see him. Thanks for the advice though talking is calming me down.

      • You bet my friend. Take care and good luck.

  2. This guy definitely soinds like an ass, however i came across a beautiful quote yesterday that i thibk sums up situations like this: ‘Make tour anger so expensive that no obe can afford to get it and make your happiness so cheap that people can even get it for free. Base line is- this guy simply isny worth you getting worked up over. Karma will have its day and he’ll get his due, just dont do anything that will ruin your character and stoop to his lowly level. Maybe helping othera ay work in difficulty will help make you make positive use of that negative energy.

    • I love the quote and advice. I would like to say that i have fit that description for the most part. Its just this situation is so unique because yes he is an ass!

  3. Amazing. Lay on the love. Keep trying to get the word out, I’ll try to do the same.

  4. I feel your frustration. I have faith that you will get through this negative situation, as I know you will continue to focus on the positive and be positive. What we focus on, expands.

    Sending you blessings of love, Dr. Angi


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