Puzzling??? It’s a maze too.


I wanted to share a project of mine where I combine my art in a jigsaw format. So in essence you can play my art online. Try it here

To play the puzzle click the link http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=25dae95c47f3

Given that I will be releasing a game or two this year featuring my art I wanted to build some anticipation with the puzzles. So for days in your life that you find yourself bored and needing some positive inspiration visit https://mazeingpuzzles.wordpress.com/to play my mazes.

~ by Warren Stokes on January 10, 2015.

6 Responses to “Puzzling??? It’s a maze too.”

  1. I don’t have time to do the puzzle now, but I checked the link. Very cool! And I love mazes and jigsaw puzzles.

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    finding your way through . . . .

  3. Having played around with your puzzles for the last few days and as a personal coach… It would be amazing to offer these puzzles in schools as an activity in helping heal emotional wounds to deep or complicated to a child/adult to explain. By allowing the individual to choose the picture to reconstruct and when the puzzle is finished the name as in healing, love, co-operation, etc… would be revealed on the completed picture. Just a thought…
    Love your work and your creativity!
    ~ ❤ ~

    • Wow!!! Thanks for the compliment and thoughts on my work. It feels good to get feedback on my work that is deeper than “its amazing!” I would love to complete a project like that. I’ve been working/reading books on healing through touch. I thought of my work as inspirational but never as healing. I would like to learn more about your thoughts on how art can heal. Thanks again for your feedback and support.

      • Think of the ability to have your art in a school setting as boxes or pages on the screen of puzzles. A person comes in and is instructed to wait with the puzzles at their disposal to use to entertain themselves. Someone randomly picks a puzzle they are drawn to by the picture on the front. As they complete the puzzle the title of the puzzle shows up somewhere on the puzzle screen with the question of how or what does the finished picture bring to mind. With a place for them to fill in and share at the session.

      • Nice!!! I might have to explore this further.


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