Changed the game with details!

Maze by Warren Stokes

Maze by Warren Stokes

” Whatever you give will find countless ways back to you.”
— Author Unknown —

Unfortunately my scanner is not working with my laptop so I can’t get the best looking image to show. However I was really amped to do this maze as a Alabama football fan. Once I actually completed it I was blown away. This is the first maze I’ve completed with a .01 art pen. OOOOOHHHHHH the things I can do with such a small pen. I see a great future with crazy detail being implemented into my work. For those of you who have seen my work evolve this use of this pen is one of the more exciting break through’s in a long time.

OOOHHHH I can’t wait to share the portrait mazes I’ve been working on. Especially now that I realize the detail I can achieve with smaller pens.


~ by Warren Stokes on January 8, 2015.


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