Maze-ing Faces


In January I set a goal to learn how to draw portraits.  My goal was to draw a face everyday for the year.  Lets just say I still have time to catch up but I’ve yet to hit 40.  However, I shared this profile of myself because I wanted to share a major break through in my art career. After 3 years of testing (mostly just thinking about it) I finally figured out how to maze the face and still keep the look of the person.


Although I still need to work at capturing the look, shading and what have you the hard part is completed.  Its crazy how 3 years of thinking, practicing and learning yielded an easy solution such as make the pieces smaller. For years I’d thought the pieces should be bigger and never even thought to down size.

Now if I can reach my goal or even reach a 1/3 of it I will be well on my way to my ultimate challenge of maze-ing out self portraits.


~ by mazemangriot on July 5, 2013.

One Response to “Maze-ing Faces”

  1. That is some good work!
    It is the maze of daily life that make us what we are slowly and stealthly.
    Mazes of decisions, habits and routine and we are lost in the tunnel.
    This pictures captures how we are shaped by those mazes,second by second, minute by minute and tissue by tissue.


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