Get what your worth!



This picture was taken at the 5 points Jazz festival.  It’s funny how pictures can tell so much and yet tell nothing at all. I was in the middle of several vendors and there was probably 10k people walking around the area and yet it looks like I’m sitting in the middle of no where. The organizer is an old friend from college that forgot to mention I would need my own table!

Anyway at the end of the day a woman approached wanting to buy the Maskfrica piece (the 3rd one from me) She raved on about how cool it was and how it would be an excellent gift for her nephew who just returned from military duty in that region.

How much she asked.  I wanted $200 and forgot after a long day in the sun and $150 came out before I could stop myself.  She said I’ll give you $100 and I said no. And she said okay $125 give me a deal.  I explained then that the price was actually $200 and she would be getting a deal.  She then proceeds to tell me if I knew her nephew and how much he deserved it I would give it to her for that price. I said if he is all that you say he is then you would pay the price I was asking. She then got pissed off and called me a horrible business man.  To which I replied if she went to a Mercedes dealership they don’t drop their prices because of who is getting it. You just got down praising me on the uniqueness, the time it took and now you want to devalue it.  So she left pissed off.

Had I not had two shows coming up I would more than likely have sold my soul to her.  But the fact that I wanted to keep my inventory for worthy buyers made me strong.  I realized after that festival that not only do I need to stick to my prices but raise them and not let my stomach do the dealing. As those of you have witnessed the past two years my growth and hard work and the value of my art.  I think I finally realize the value of what my work is worth and well I will start charging accordingly!


~ by mazemangriot on July 3, 2013.

11 Responses to “Get what your worth!”

  1. Great work.All people must actually know what they are worth for?maybe its all about the marketplace and the more people talking about how good you are maybe thats a sign of your added value..but we need to test the market response…

  2. love your attitude, i know exactly what you mean, stand your ground.

  3. You’ve got unique interesting art but presentation is everything.

    If you’ve got your own art just lying on the ground haphazardly displayed people are going to take that as an indication of what it’s worth.

    Now please don’t take this as a harsh criticism because it’s not intended as such…but if you had your art up, off the ground proudly on display, you’d present yourself as being worth the $200 quite easily.

    Good luck in your upcoming shows!

  4. I know this might sound odd. But the richest artists in Australia are Indigenous. They do there work sitting on the ground and that is where their art is meant to be viewed from It is meant to be in the context of a sharing circle sometimes.
    Nyadbi’s work seen from above
    This fact that the work should be seen laid on the ground caused the French to cement a replica so that it could be seen looking down from the Eifel Tower.

    Just a thought! Jo

  5. Warren, Are they wood burned?

  6. That woman should learn that you dont haggle with art! She must have bought mostly junk from salesmen with fake brands and such. Them, you can haggle with because they sell plenty.

  7. I used to sell my own children’s book. It wasn’t cheap. People who were impressed by it and looked at it as a work of art, appreciated it and paid the full price. People who only looked for cheap children’s books, said it was too expensive but I didn’t care, because I knew what it was worth. So good on you for not selling your art for a cheap price!


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