Another sports maze


As I continue to solicit sports teams I thought I would continue to post new mazes that I’m using. I’m starting to get better at these making them look less like mazes and more like pictures.  I’m curious does anyone who follows this blog actually try the mazes?


~ by Warren Stokes on July 1, 2013.

8 Responses to “Another sports maze”

  1. I was going to try this one ans wasn’t sure where to enter, Jo

  2. I tried an elephant once. I took it to work, enlarged it and tried it during my lunch. I’m not very good and puzzles or games. I have some more that I’ll look at.

  3. The mazes I keep imagining colored glass in them as stained glass hangings and think your work is fantastic!!

  4. My eyes are old and not so good at detail. I have thought about “testing” a maze to see if it really holds up as a maze, but have not done it.
    But Cat, above, has given me a notion that I would try to follow one with a series of colored pens so that I could keep track of the journey without jumping a line. Someday when I have good glasses and some pens I might try one.

    I really admire your work. Susan

  5. Yes. Jay


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