Slow progress continued.

football helmet

I have a few more sports related mazes that I made that I will continue to share.  Besides the Redskins I have confidence a few more teams/colleges will hire me soon.  Several sports teams have expressed interest but don’t have the budgets this year or already chose their offerings for their kids clubs for the upcoming season.

Which means all this hard work is likely to really pay off next year when budgets are renewed.

I also have to share my sudden love of the internet! I’ve always found use for it but I honestly think that its breaking down our society.  However as a veteran salesman it has made the sales process 1000% easier.  When I first started finding out peoples names in companies was a difficult and time consuming task that at times required skills of espionage.  However the internet has made it so easy to not only find out names but connect with the person before the sales process even begins.  Thanks internet!!!!

~ by Warren Stokes on June 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “Slow progress continued.”

  1. Don’t worry too much about it breaking down society. It actually strengthens existing relationships by foregoing the condition that people must be in close physical proximity to interact. (:

  2. Are you a member of LinkedIn? You can use it to increase sales and connections. I listened to a Webinar on getting work through LinkedIn and one of the easy tricks was to get up to 500 connections. At that time I had less than 200, now I have over 450. And yes, the connections did directly get me a great new job and move. LinkedIn is free, you can start a group, you can join groups. It does work. Oh, yeah, don’t worry about the low response with your first show, just keep on. Oddly, my creative production has grown since I became a nurse and didn’t have to worry about making money through my writing. So, remember, you’re always an artist, even if you have to do something else to pay the bills.

  3. Your work is fascinating!


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