Belief Creates, every time I get out the game it pulls me back in!

Belief brings experience.

Belief Creates


My show sucked! I invited everyone plus my art list and no body showed up. My sons mother didn’t even bother to bring them by.  I was hurt and angry but lucky for me the gallery owner had some wine that made me loose.

So I went outside and invited people off the street and got six people to check out my show.  Besides a woman who had legs up to heaven the highlight of the evening was when the HVAC man came to check out the galleries AC.

The owner, HVAC man and I started talking about money and our kids.  The HVAC man had two kids in college and said he stayed broke.  And then pulled $100 out of his pocket to buy this piece “Belief Creates” from me. I was blown away for two reasons.  He and I have completely different definitions of broke and the fact that the piece he bought I created last summer when I thought about giving up on life (not suicide just trying) and art.  I created this maze because I felt that birds believe they can fly and its there belief that creates flight. Thus I needed to believe I could  “fly” if I just believed in my purpose.

Needless to say I won’t be going to “art intervention” anytime soon.



~ by Warren Stokes on June 27, 2013.

11 Responses to “Belief Creates, every time I get out the game it pulls me back in!”

  1. Warren, this is a really uplifting story.
    Have you considered getting other mazers or puzzle makers in on pop-up shows? Maybe a 3-D puzzle-maker, or even a chess-set carver?

    If you could draw together a “following” that had an interest in real (not computerized) games and puzzles, you might get a better turn-out next time.

    I do know “skunked.” I have done more than one show where there were NO SALES. No one coming. Etc. But then there are the times that blew me away, when someone came and bought out half the show! That someone did not get to see my work until that one day she came to a booth at a fair. I had repeat business from a wealthy collector suddenly!! I was astonished.

    Percentages! The percentages over time are the real truth. Nothing is based on one trial.

    Send your family a note telling them you love them. They know they disappointed you. They probably feel bad about that. Be bigger than that…not resentful. And keep on keeping on!

  2. Warren, I love your stuff….wish I was cashed up enough to own some…wish I lived closer so I could attend your exhibitions…wish I had three more wishes…

  3. I love you work. It is different, creative, beautiful and I can’t understand why people didn’t flock to your show.

    Didn’t ‘spock’ that’s Startrek Spock say – the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many?
    Haha he actually said the needs of the many….I prefer my version.
    What I’m trying to express is, that evening, one man made your evening a success.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Sometimes it gets really lonely doing art. Folks don’t mean to ignore you, but it is so easy to push a button and watch TV or do something that doesn’t require thought or leaving home. But it is things like what you are doing that are important and memorable because they are unique. You may never have the masses, but the people who take the time for an authentic experience and find it with you will be drawn in in a very deep way. Popularity and art are not particularly close friends. Try not to be bitter, you never know who you may touch and what those around you are going through. Been there, though. It hurts, but keep going.

    Best of luck, your work is lovely!

    • Thanks for the advice I was over it that night because of the art that was sold. It was my sign that it doesn’t matter about who, why or when with sales. What matters is that I continue the quest to get better at my work and art.

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