Practice pays off!

Practice pays off.




After doing this maze I figured out my fear of using colors is over.  I could have done better but I like what color does to the maze and how it can help tell a story and add a mood.  I realize I could use some help in the color coordinating department but mazes aren’t built in a day.

The piece is called Freedom by Death and tells a story of the middle passage.  What I like about this maze is that I have been trying to figure out a way to almost create a comic strip setting in mazes that tell a story in one image.  I feel like I accomplished that with this maze.

~ by Warren Stokes on March 14, 2013.

16 Responses to “Practice pays off!”

  1. These are good, Warren! Thanks for hanging in there.

  2. The color creates curiosity… what does the arm band mean? What are the orbs? I like this a lot.

    • Thanks for asking. The orbs are all globes at different points. The slave is jumping over the board of a ship. In different frames he is out of the water and completely under the water at the same time. It doesn’t have a arm band if your talking about the red marks I wanted to put marks that signified being whipped. So all the blue is ocean waves. As the guy tries to jump back to Africa.

  3. This is a nice coupling of the art of mazing itself with story. It’s provocative; leading the viewer to want to know more about the character, and his individual story, that s/he (I thought “she” as I saw Africa drawn as a sea of locs) would choose death rather than a life of servitude via the harsh, inhumane Middle Passage.
    There’s also something embryonic, in utero, about this piece, if you step back and look again. Was that also an intention?

    • If you refer to utero as the roundness of everything??? No I my intention was to show the freedom of the ocean and yet the never ending expansion of it all. If you could imagine the courage it would take to jump to your death because of the strength of the ocean and distance back to land. Each different “globe” is a different scene adding to the story. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

      • You are welcome! I definitely didn’t mean the “roundness of everything”. I was implying a cocoon, a safe-haven, a comfort-zone (albeit staged/ forced), and the desire to flee from it because, unlike the ocean, it offers no freedom. I suppose my looking this deeply into your maze is a good thing – that’s what great art does! Keep on a-maze-ing!

      • Thanks for looking deep! This piece is supposed to do that.

  4. Watching your style evolve is such a gift to me. Keep up the great work!! The recent artwork and mazes are really a step up.

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  6. very brave and nice move , keep it up

  7. awesome!! follow my blog

  8. Love the use of colour it is beautiful.

  9. This is wonderful with the color. Keep your inspiration on fire!

  10. Congrats on employing color! Beautiful work. Love the intricacy as well as the story it illustrates. Awesomeness!


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