Faith overcomes fear F**K your doubts!

Faith overcomes fear F**K your doubts!


Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!  My motto

I recently shared my intervention story with the blog.  Well I explained my family moving without me but I left out that I didn’t have a place.   Homeless! My refusal to work for anyone else cost me my wife.  I also reached out to the subscribers of this blog to see or validate weather I was wasting my time or do I provide something of value.  I felt a $2 charge to see my work with inspiration would work.  After getting 1 subscriber willing to pay $2 I was ready to give up.

However, thanks to my anger with my wife I was given an extra boost and decided to go all out do art/sports camps or die!  And damit I’m not rich and still need a home but significant things have happened in my life.

First and foremost look at the art!!! Damn I’m proud of this peace and the direction my art is starting to take with the addition of color.  Pain sure makes good art!

Second a hospital purchased 30 of my maze books!  So after a decade of rejections by publishers, self publishing has paid off.  I’m officially a published author!!!!!

Third I secured a company Max Muscle to sponsor a cross promotion of  my soccer camp.

Fourth and most important me and my boys woke up this morning!  I get a chance to experience another day, see and hear my kids laugh, create another maze, taste another meal!!! The past few weeks have been tough but I’ve learned to enjoy the moments because so many of them come during the pain/day that if you hold on to them tight enough they will keep you from the drowning tides.

I feel 100% sure that I’m on the “write” path and I refuse to give up to what others think is the correct way for me to go.


~ by Warren Stokes on March 12, 2013.

11 Responses to “Faith overcomes fear F**K your doubts!”

  1. Amazing!

  2. Yes, pain does evoke art! And running into a brick wall does bring a person up short!

    You see an opportunity here, and are deciding what path to take now. How will you model a wholesome path for your kids? They are your most attentive audience, Warren.

    If you did 12-steps at some time, revive that in your life…it can become absoutely beautiful because of the brick wall. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on oppey247 and commented:
    Be positive 2ward life becos life gives 2 you back what u give it

  4. I love this piece. It is a jump in technique and style. You Go Mazeman!

  5. You must not lose hope!! I think your art is so wonderful and unique. It’s this kind of passion that leads to success. However, often the road for an artist is full of pot holes (there’s a maze for you). Is it possible to buy your maze books on line yet? I would buy a few for sure.

  6. Reblogged this on We Dream Reality! and commented:
    This was a post from about two days ago. Things are getting better.

  7. You’re on a good roll. Glad you saw your boys and heard them laugh. 🙂


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