The Intervention: They tried to make me go to Maze rehab but!!!!

Maze-ing Maze 50

faro card 3

 Maze 50:  I was given an “intervention” yesterday.  It was based on my refusal to give up my art.  Not give up so much as get a  “real job.”   They pointed out how I’ve hurt my family, marriage and struggle to make ends meet.  And ultimately could potentially lose everything if I don’t give up the maze.

I understand them and to a certain extent agree with them.  But my feelings tell me that I’m on the right path.  I feel that I was put here to inspire and motivate people with my writing, coaching and art.  I argued with them because I don’t just sit around drawing mazes waiting for someone to pay me millions to do my art.  I go door to door, make phone calls to businesses, and deliver flyers to make ends admittedly “barely” meet.

However the 6000+ subscribers to this blog, the feedback from the players and parents I coach, and various other projects proves to me that my purpose is being served regardless of the finances.

As my loved ones so painfully stated “The landlord and grocery store don’t except Inspiration as payment ”  This is true.  When I look at this blog I’ve sold a total of one calendar during its duration.  And according to my loved ones who again are correct a calling can pay the bills.  And for the sake of my family and I it needs to or you will lose everything.

The purpose of this post is to see if I’m indeed fooling myself from a financial standpoint.  Starting March first I will have a new blog called Maze-spiration a daily maze and quote with a weekly jigsaw puzzle of my art included on Fridays.  There is a one time subscription fee of $2.

I’m asking everyone who subscribed to support my venture.  But with a catch, I don’t want sympathy support.  I want support based on merit.  Based only if you found inspiration in my art, words, or the maze a day challenge.  One way or the other I would like feedback.  So please fill out the contact form and let me have it.  If you want to subscribe please check subscribe and payment type I will contact you with payment info.  Thanks for your support!

~ by Warren Stokes on February 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Intervention: They tried to make me go to Maze rehab but!!!!”

  1. The eternal bugaboo of a person whose soul in wrapped in artmaking.
    Me, too. But there will definitely be a way to earn bread and butter without giving up your art.

    I became a postal letter carrier! It was hard work, and took time to learn. But I loved that job more than any other I had taken to support a family as a single mother. It was routine, and took little creativity– just good habits honed down to an art, and some very pleasant hours serving people I ended up loving as friends!

    I don’t recommend the USPS right now…they are going through a terrible crisis and are cutting back…it may be on its downswing. But there are other jobs that are routine services that serve people who are thankful for a good job and where you can collect ideas while you get the required stuff done. Then you come home with your paycheck that pays for your art compulsions.

    You have let your mazes bring you through some tough spells (I’ve been watching for a time.) I am not thinking a one time charge of 2$ per subscription will really fix anything except to show a nice money windfall (once) to your family and friends. It may put off the stuff of getting a long-term solution.

    This is from someone who has admired your tenacity, and been occasionally amazed by your obsession with making a maze a day! But I think if you can make, and keep, such a committment to mazes, you would be a wonderful person to have as an employee. You like “rules” or you wouldn’t make them for yourself. Get a job with simple rules, and get really highly skilled at it. Then let it pay for your art life.

    I have you in my prayers. Susan

  2. There’s a saying ” Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do, until you can get to where you need to be”.
    You have to set your priorties, is it your wife, family, or art?
    Good luck!
    ps, I think Susan gave you some sound advise.

  3. I hate that this is happening to you, I too have been damaged by the “art wont pay” attitude. So much so it has hindered me greatly… now they say, “why don’t you try to make money from it”….wtf? anyways, keep doing what you are doing, what you are making takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to try to make something more from it, you can check out
    People will help fund your project. ( I have yet to have the courage to try this out, but it’s an awesome platform) (I’m sure you have heard of this)
    Best of luck to you, and keep creating! it’s your passion, soul and identity after all; lets face it…it’s YOU!

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