Maze-ing Maze 48

Maze-ing Maze 48

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Maze-ing Maze 48: Here is another design I sent.  Although they didn’t end up using any of the mazes I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try.  I split a 11×14 sheet into quarters and made a total of 8.  Having them all on one sheet really gave me a new perspective on my maze making process.

Which up until now I didn’t realize that I had a process.  So I want to ask any and especially those who have followed my mazes for awhile for your thoughts on my work.  What I mean is techniques, consistencies, etc.  I’m feel like I’ve hit a block in my growth and want to get a more analytic process to it so that I can figure out how I can improve.

~ by Warren Stokes on February 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 48”


    Here is a site that may inspire you. This famous fellow was fascinated, as you are, by “ways”… and his drawings took the maze concept to a 3-D level.

    From a “stuck artist” standpoint, I suggest to 1. STOP, BREATHE, THINK; and 2. PUNCH THROUGH THE FOG. Works for me.

    Try something wild. Best, Susan

    • Thanks for the link! I actually know Escher very well as he has been the only artistic influence to my work. When I mean stuck I don’t mean not able to create, I’m looking or seeking to grow from where Im currently at. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau as I haven’t made any new discoveries in my work where as in the past I would find them regularly.

      • I am not surprised that you are familiar with Escher. What I was playing with was the 3-d nature of his stuff, wondering whether you could raise the support to a 3-d level for a new dimensional approach. Just throwing in ideas. Plateaux are the places for experimentation… lots of extra stuff in the waste bin and maybe one or two ideas that fly. But you know that!

        I say…bonne chance!


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