Overcoming fears I can’t wait. Maze-ing Maze 38

Maze-ing Maze 38



Maze 38: This one was one of the easier ones for me to complete.  Speaking of courage I’ve shared in the past my fear of heights.  Well in December I told my boys that I was going to overcome that fear so that we could go to an amusement park and I actually get on the rides.

Since then I have been evaluating the reasons for the fear and trying to look at it as more of a respect for the heights rather than fear.  We live next door to a 5 story apartment complex that has a walkway on the outside.  (I mentioned chickened out doing flyers last year on the same building) So Sunday I asked my boys to accompany me during my heights training.

I figured by them going I would have more courage.  The complex also has a few 3 story buildings that we started on.  I was immediately more scared with them there because they ran up the stairs and would look over the edge, leaning on the railing and all.  So I then had a fear for them falling which at first really didn’t help.  But I followed them and continued to try to look over the railings.  Anyway we went to the 5th floor level and I walked the entire complex with them.  I was scared but they really helped me.  On the way back we went down to the 4th level and it was smooth sailing.  I actually wasn’t scared at all.  It seemed so close to the ground compared to the 5th.

So I’m going to continue working on that 5th until I can actually jog around it and lean on the railing looking over.  Then its time to find something higher.  Not to preach but I suggest trying to overcome one of your phobia’s!  I felt so good working at it and I could see the pride in my sons eyes seeing me working to overcome something that I fear.


~ by mazemangriot on January 8, 2013.

8 Responses to “Overcoming fears I can’t wait. Maze-ing Maze 38”

  1. What an awesome experience for your boys to see you being so honest and working so hard. xx a

  2. Congrats.

  3. Good job, simple easy steps! You can do anything!

  4. absolutely love this image!! Hearts on the biceps- perfect show of strength 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your success in overcoming your fear and thank you for sharing this awesome maze! 😀

  6. Good for you! It takes a lot of courage, and you’re right – your children are learning something important, too.

  7. Good post:)


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