Maze-ing Maze 26

Maze-ing Maze 26 

Show your love, share your time!

Maze 26:  This is another maze from the collection I was commissioned for.  The theme was time.  So I was trying to express how sharing your most valuable asset is love.  All the pieces will have a heart in them.

I’m also asking for good vibes from everyone.  I found a developer who is looking for an artist to create 4 pieces for his new apartment building.  He is paying up to 7 grand for the project and will decide by Nov 9th with the work to be completed by Dec 20th.  This would not only change my financial situation but also be a great project to challenge my artistic creativity.  The pieces have to involve bikes and can utilize any style and methods.

My initial ideas are to create mazes with pieces of bike sticking out in places to make it truly 3D.  Anyway I will update as I found out that I was chosen for the gig.


~ by Warren Stokes on October 25, 2012.

18 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 26”

  1. Lovely heart maze. And good luck with the bike project.

  2. Pieces of bike: maybe like bike gears and other small pieces. You can probably find some stuff at junk yards.

  3. Yard sales too. My advise is to find out how little of the bike you need to focus on to communicate “Bike” as friends as you are designing “What do you see?” Keep it clean. You will be competing with professional muralists.

    Good Vibes coming your way.

  4. This maze is my favorite so far. I pray you get the project. You deserve it!

  5. lol thats amazing

  6. I love everything about this maze! Your creativity and desire are showing all over it. Great job!

  7. sending lots of good vibes your way 🙂
    keep up the great work!

  8. This is interesting genre. I think I will try my hand at it.

  9. This is a fantastic image!!
    I’m working on a post in support of a charity close to my heart… the maze fits so well… may I please re-blog? I’ll include my poem if you don’t mind?

    • By all means! Thanks for checking out my work. What is the charity?

      • Thanks for that!! Much appreciated!
        The charity is the Midlands SIMON Community… I’ve been involved is a small way with their efforts. They’ve asked me to put together a web page/ blog to use for a competition… your image is just so apt!!
        I have done quite a few posts about the charity… and raised the odd penny in support…
        Thanks again

      • Do you want a maze for the site?

      • I’ve written a poem and would love to use your image. If you’re going to offer a maze I’m sure they will gladly accept!!

        It will be fantastic, actually…thanks a million for the offer!

      • Send me some info and any online stuff. If they have a cool logo I can actually maze that out to?!?!

  10. This may be good template for wall-clocks!

  11. This was a mazing, pun intended but compliment sincere!

    I love the symbolism. I could literally write a book (over-) analyzing this picture.

    Its creative in itself, but has the additional function of a maze.

    really brings to life the phrase”follow your heart”!

    Great stuff friend!

  12. […] Maze-ing Maze 26. […]


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