Help me help youth with art!

Help me help youth with art!

My goal: I want to create art kits and distribute them for free to youth in Denver CO.

How you can help:

1. An introduction with a company that will supply the kits or dollar match me to buy them.

2. Or purchase a no soliciting sign

Why: The other day selling my art door to door I came to a guys house who let me have it. He stated that the school I went to must not have taught me how to read and that my art teachers must have failed to teach me that you can’t sell art. Which was my fault because I failed to see his no soliciting sign.

As I walked away I thought back to school and remembered being taught that artists could only survive if they got a job teaching it. This sent my mind into overdrive.

First thought was to improve and create a no solicitation sign. So when I go to doors and they say they are not interested I can offer them a sign of my art that will stop further people. Yes a door to door salesman who sells signs that stop door to door selling!

Second idea change the philosophy that artists cannot survive from making art. I decided to tackle that challenge seeking a sponsor that will help me create art kits (sketchbook, colored pencils, pencil, and sharpener) that I can give out free to kids or use a portion of the proceeds from my no solicit sign sales to create the kits.


~ by mazemangriot on October 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Help me help youth with art!”

  1. Dude! you are the comeback king. 🙂

  2. i like the way you think!

  3. In our country it’s hard to live on art’s benefits. Artists usually has a part time work to earn money for living.

  4. Maze, you’re awesome.
    I live in a mid sized city quite similar in vibe to NYC, we have a large Art Community of just about any medium you can think of. Including the Prestigeous Eastman School of Music. Artist’s survive here, maybe the younger ones with p/t jobs, but they do survive. I know a lot of them.
    Your product is unique, exciting, educational and, in my opinion, worthy of being in a larger arena. So, I suggest; Build your inventory, look into Amazon, start investigating Art Show’s – the larger ones will cost you a tidy sum and require special criteria for entry but will bring the buyers, connections and show your Art in an Artists only spotlight. They will separate you from the “Craft Shows”.
    Another thought would be to promote by mail. ( USPS would love you for it!) Make up 25-50 business info flyers, search for little Gift Shops and Toy Stores ( not box stores-Mom/Pop shops) and show ’em what you’ve got. NOW is the time w/Holiday’s around the bend. Once you’ve mailed those, do another 25-50. Of course you will include a simple Maze in your flyer because no one can resist a Maze! It will stick in their heads.
    Check with your local Library, see what they have for kid events. Offer to do a fun day.
    Marketing is the key to your success. You’ve got great ideas and a truly wonderful gift.
    PS: Every Friday night I look forward to watching Shark Tank on TV. It’s quite a learning experience.

  5. Mountain Gypsy, thank you!

    “Find a need and fill it” was the slogan of a cement company in the SF Bay Area. It is the most important thing to remember, especially in a hard biting recession. People buy what they BELIEVE they need. Kids need activities and snow and rain is on it’s way, if it has not arrived where you are. We just had our first drench in CA.

    Go GIANTS!

  6. Lovely idea!

    p.s. If artists cannot make any money, then how could Peter Lik possibly sell one of his photos for a million dollars?

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  8. Fantastic. So creative.


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