Pain sparks creativity Maze-ing Maze 23

Pain sparks creativity Maze-ing Maze 23 

Creatively in pain

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Maze 23:  About two weeks ago I figured out some major things in my life as regards to my family and marriage.  This entire summer has been hell for me and honestly in August at one point I gave up.  Not suicide but just didn’t want to try for my family or myself.  But the mazes kept me going.  (This maze is a remake on canvass)

The cool thing is that two weeks ago as I started to deal with the pain, anger, etc of my life an awakening happened.  My heart and soul is broken to bits but my art and want to create has just increased 10 fold almost as a life support system.

I created two mazes yesterday and more than likely will finish two today.  I discovered a missing piece to a project that I started years ago and have been on a mission to create the work for it.  I also was commissioned for 15 mazes and started an art blog for artists to get inspired by my maze-ing adventures in selling art.

Maze-ing has kept me from finding the bottom of a bottle and dealing with my issues while giving me a safe and creative way to cope.  As good as the art business is going though I just want to get drunk and stay in bed until spring.


~ by Warren Stokes on October 17, 2012.

9 Responses to “Pain sparks creativity Maze-ing Maze 23”

  1. Your work keeps becoming more and more intricate and so flowing your mazes into the pieces of your picture… Fantastic!

  2. My kids and I love your mazes, as you know. I am trying to find my own way, too, but without c ash to give to your awesome kickstarter project, I shared your kickstarter link on my Fb, my etsy shop Fb page, and my linkedIn profile. Good luck, Warren, you have a great vision and a gift. xx a

    • Thank you for doing that as well as sticking with me. Having kids myself I feel horrible that I wanted to give up on them. Its been tough. But the mazes and this site has helped me cope. Good luck in finding your way! Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!!!!!!

  3. Warren, what a summer you describe! And yet, I see a difference in your mazes…they are full of motion and graceful shapes. Pain does have a purpose, and in your case, you are seeing that you are still keeping with your journey and the stronger for it! I had a winter like that this year, but I am keeping on keeping on as you are, and it’s faith, not self-medication, that carries me. I’m getting better now…health and mind and also creativity. I think it come with the territory: the territory of being human, and of having a creative spirit. I’ll keep looking for your mazes. Can’t afford to jump start yet though.

  4. You are surrounded by a lot of Love. I agree with all of the comments. You are doing great things with your artwork. You are touching other people. Each maze is better. You are better, better maze, better you.

  5. Great maze!

  6. Ok, I admit it; I’ve come a bit late to your Maze blog party. Actually, I found you via “Recommended Blogs” in the Reader Tab, so there you have it. You’re on to something. Your Maze’s are so beautiful! Creativity is your strong point but with that comes the curse….it’s finding the balance that I personally think is the key. Everyone has their demons, deep within somewhere, there is a way to work around them, with them or release them. And though I may be a dreamer, I am also a believer. I believe you can have it all, Family, Love, Art.
    I love your Art and designs you truly have the gift. I hope too, that you can find the way to work through the rest and find Peace.


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