Help me self-publish my M-Aze B, C’s, & 1,2,3’s book Maze 19

Kickstarter Day 1 Maze 19

In life it doesn’t matter whats ahead, what matters is that you keep driving!

Today I started a kickstarter project to publish my first book and would appreciate any and all support my visitors can give during the next 30 days.  The first children’s book that I’ve set out to publish is the alphabet and number mazes I created during the 365
project.  The book will be titled mAze B,C’s and 1,2,3’s.  I hope to include a stylus with the book so that kids can redo the mazes as well as work on their writing mechanics while completing the mazes.
Visit  to learn more about the project and how you can help me to achieve my goal.  I’ve set out to raise $5k to have my book designed, copyrighted, an ISDN number, as well as an inventory of 50 copies. The kicker to kick starter is that projects must reach their goal to receive any funds.  So in the next 30 days if $4999 is donated then the funds go back to the donating party.
With that said any support would be appreciated.  If you can’t donate let friends, family, co workers, maze enthusiasts, parents, artists, etc know about the project. I feel confident that the project will be a success and help to generate funds to self publish several of my other books as well.  Again check out the project and at the very least watch the video you can finally see the crazy artist behind the maze a day project with a special guest performing the mAze B,C’s and 1,2,3’s book.
By the way I apologize in advance but I will be promoting this project a lot during the next 30 days by reminding all the visitors and subscribers to check out the kickstarter project so please don’t get offended.  I will only post once a day tops and as usual there will be a cool maze with it!

~ by Warren Stokes on September 28, 2012.

One Response to “Help me self-publish my M-Aze B, C’s, & 1,2,3’s book Maze 19”

  1. good luck!!


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