Maze-ing Maze 56

Maze-ing Maze 56

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” William Shedd

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t chicken out going door to door.  I had tried Sunday and Monday and didn’t have any luck.  I was so scared.  I met with a person who asked for a commissioned piece and I completed the sketch and she loved it.  So I made my second sale in two weeks. 

I was telling a friend of mine how I was able to sell to businesses easier than homes.  I’ve sold to both markets over the years and usually get over fear in a couple of hours once I learn my presentation.  I told him about getting paralyzed with fear and he said he wanted to go with me. 

I got a portfolio together for him and gave him the script and then we went out.  We were both trying to make excuses for turning around. I said it would be funny if you sold my art and I couldn’t.  Then I pulled over quick and just got out.  He asked could he come with me and I told no but he could listen from the sidewalk.  He said okay and immediately crossed the street and had a ten minute conversation with a lady who wants to purchase a piece. 

He then sold two prints the next door he went to.  I the other hand shot blanks.   I was happy for him big time because it really helps me in so many ways.  First and foremost I refuse to be outsold by him so I have to keep going.  The fact that he made a sale proves that people will buy my art.  It also gives me the strength to keep going.

We stayed out about an hour total just to get our feet wet.  I spoke to maybe nine people and quickly got my confidence with each no or not interested response.  I have to admit it was a little hard at first getting rejected because it is my work on the line.  But I dealt with that to and kept going. 

We are going to go out again tonight with inspired intensity and no fear of knocking on doors.  Competing with him may just be the help I need to stay focused and work daily at selling art. 

~ by Warren Stokes on July 19, 2012.

7 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 56”

  1. If you showed up on my door, I would think you were nuts. But I would also listen to what you had to say. Right now I think you are the bravest person I know. And I am feeling a bit sheepish about my own attempts to find work. Thanks for the Kick in the butt!

  2. I’ve been chickening out on “door to door” for 2 years now. So far it’s worked = nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thank god I’m not trying to make living with my work. Maybe some day I find the bravery you have.

    • The best thing to do is keep walking until you can knock and knock immeadiately. Because your not going to run off the porch once you knock. But I have to remind myself that the worst that could happen is they say no. But if they say yes, and finding that yes its worth all the no’s.

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