Maze-ing Maze 1/183

Maze-ing Maze 1/183

Maze 1/183:  This maze was supposed to have a picture in the middle.  I completed this maze about two weeks ago and finally figured enough is enough.  I can always add something to it but I need to call it done so that I can move on to better mazes.  I chose the quote because since discovering my artistic ability with a maze theme I have struggled with the promotion of my work because at the end of the day I’m a grown man who draws mazes for a living.  I realize and feel that my art is deeper than that but it is drawings.  And selling art is a tough sell.  But I can say that I have truly developed the opportunity that I was given and will continue to go after it.


~ by mazemangriot on July 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 1/183”

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  2. You do understand that Will Shortz is a guy who arranges the numbers 1-6, or 1-9 in different ways or using very simple math, and decides on a word – then puts a clue to it – before making up another word…right? The block to selling your art might not be that people don’t want to buy it, but that you don’t have a very high opinion of what you do – and that comes across in your presentation. So you’re a grown man who draws mazes for a living. So what? There are lots of grown people who do nothing for a living but collect a govt check. You have a talent and a gift, and it is no less valuable than any other. Take it from a person who can’t draw a well-balanced stick figure – what you do is not common or ordinary. Begin to view it as special and other people will to. And FWIW – I have a Will Shortz ken_ken puzzle-a-day calendar sitting on my desk that I do as the VERY. FIRST. THING. at my desk to jump start my brain. I paid for that. My co-worker does the NYT Crossword on his computer every day – also a Will Shortz puzzle. He pays for that subscription. Find the angle – the app – the desk calendar – and you can be on every desktop in the world if you want to.


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