Maze-ing Maze 48 Revisited

Maze-ing Maze 48 Revisited

“Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments.” Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Maze 48: I chose to revisit this maze because of it and the quote really fit well with whats happening.  By the way I will start the new goal or start posting the new mazes soon.  I’m currently homeless and don’t have access to a scanner. 

So the maze itself, or at least the structure I copied.  I can remember early on in the maze a day project struggling to find or decide what to draw.  And so I would google illusions and shapes.  Now I have the ability and skill set to create my own shape/illusions from within.  So it feels good to see the progress of a years worth of practice. 

As for the quote I had a moment Rose was talking about.  I’ve been sleeping in the back of my car since Monday and it was tough until last night.  I had a wake the f#@k up moment.  I was milling over the quickest way to get a place to live legally!  And as if I didn’t know I have a million dollars worth of art in my possession.  So I was thinking of how to actually sell it.  I’ve been offering it for a few years now and have made a little more than $2500 total. 

Then it hit me.  Hard work.  Not drawing but selling.  Door to door, office to office whatever but offer to sell to any and everyone that comes in your vision.  Art may not be the top priority of consumers or business owners for their offices but let’s be real everyone puts something on their walls.  I don’t know if I’ve met someone who has had completely bare walls. 

So this morning I got up and went to an office building around the corner and started trying to sell.  I  was scared as hell but walked into the first office looking at a picture of my sons.  In total I visited 15 doors.  I overcame my fear and will continue that tomorrow as well as going door to door in residential neighborhoods.  I only stopped because I realize that I need a stronger presentation which I will perfect this afternoon. 

Anyway I realize that the key to my success in the art game is to sell 24/7 or at least  40 hour a week.  Treat it like a real sales job and I’m confident it will treat me financially well.  Regardless, after a 40 hour or more week I will quickly learn if its going to work.  I’m confident in an 8 hour day if I speak with 20 or more people I can sell $100 print or more which would definitely be a well paid day.  So I’m going after it with all I have one moment at a time.



~ by Warren Stokes on July 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 48 Revisited”

  1. stay strong, you deserve better for sure

  2. I used to sit in Bars and draw. Had a friend who liked to go out drinking and dancing, but didn’t want to go alone. I was unemployed at the time. I hate bars so I parked my butt and drew. Starbucks or the nearest coffee house would be fine. Sometimes if you draw a restaurant out side, you can get a meal from them. I have done that a few times. Or in the case of a coffee house a cup of coffee that is a maze etc.

    Be safe and keep working. If you need art supplies, email me.



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