Maze-ing Maze #1 Revisited

Maze-ing Maze #1 Revisited

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Seneca Original quote from that day

Maze :  I chose the first maze I ever did to remind me of where I started and where I hope to go.  (It doesn’t work but gave me the concept/spark to go further with mazes.)  Yesterday I attended the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  For those that don’t know one of my goals has been to be in the show.  It’s an annual festival that I take my family to and its a time to find inspiration and a good time.  Well in April when I was rejected I started to have bad feelings toward the festival.  I was thinking about all the artists I had seen in the past that I feel I had more original, talented art than.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I decided that I would not allow myself to project negativity or judge anyone’s art from a mine is better than yours perspective, but instead learn and be inspired.  So I went with the goal of staying open-minded and non judgemental.

I had a good time and enjoyed and spoke to and made many connections with the artists.  I plan to speak with several of them about advice on how they make a living from art.

Most importantly I remained positive and realized what my next artistic mission needed to be.  I decided another year of work is needed to improve and become the artist I want to be.  So I decided to complete another year of focused practice with my art.  But instead of the daily challenge I will challenge myself to creating a piece of work every other day or 183 total.

After having worked on one daily I realize that for me to grow now I need to have time to let my art come to me instead of hunting it down and killing it so to speak, which is required for the daily work.  My goal is to challenge myself further to discover how to use more color to express the movement in the mazes.  My goal is to become better at drawing people and trying to paint a couple of mazes.  Bottom line I will spend the next year with a focus of taking what I learned from the first year and expanding those techniques into a better maze each time I try.

The one gripe that I do have though is in the fact that they featured no less than 10 artists that had been there for the past two or three years.  And many of them had no new art.  After creating 300+ new pieces in a year I don’t understand how these artists can’t come up with 8 -12 new pieces for a show and why a major festival would choose them. Negativity out and squashed!!!


~ by mazemangriot on July 8, 2012.

One Response to “Maze-ing Maze #1 Revisited”

  1. There is a degree of politics in any enterprise with involves 3 or more people. They probably know the organizers. Is it fair? well maybe not, but there are always things going on that you have no knowledge of. Those three people probably have an inside track, and they also have knowledge you need. If your goal is to get into the show, then the question you should be asking people is “How do I get into this show?” And if you have not already, google ” getting into juried art shows.”

    There are plenty of venues that allow you to exhibit and sell for a space fee. I know you are broke, but give that some consideration.

    I am thrilled that you have decided to continue with the postings, and agree that having more time will allow you to concentrate on the quality of your work. I am excited to see what this will allow you to do. Woo Hoo!


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