Maze-ing Maze 76 revisited September 4, 2011

Maze-ing Maze 76 revisited September 4, 2011 

“If you don’t ask for what you want how will you get what you want?” Unknown

Maze 76: Wow its funny how life works.  I chose todays maze because I’m entering an art contest where the artist picks an inventor and creates a piece inspired by that inventor.  So I was thinking back to all the mazes I completed trying to think of a maze that could represent an invention.  So Maze 76 with the gears stuck out.  I didn’t know the number at the time I just went through the files in wordpress.  Anyway I found it and was about to post this and be done for the day.  Something told me I should add the day from last year and maybe talk about what happened that day. 

Long story short I read the post which is below.  I had this same exact conversation yesterday with a guy who was definitely not nice like the person in the next passage.  But he laughed at the thought that I believe that I could make a living selling mazes.  After a few more rounds of discussion I left thinking maybe I’m crazy because I feel 100% sure I can make a living and will from “selling mazes.” 

Although our conversation made me angry I think it was just another gift from the universe sending me what I needed.  The majority of successes in my life have stayed on course when I get the fuel of doubters to keep my flying toward the final destination.   With the fuel from this guy I brainstormed as many ideas I could come up with.  But as in this post early in the project I realize that I haven’t really pushed my work to all the visitor here as well as in person. 

So for sale I’m offering my prints again at my Etsy shop at I have “Cubicle Posters”.  A 8 /12 by 11 print of your favorite maze and choose a personal quote that inspires you to action for $20. 

September 4 2011 original post

As I mentioned last week I had someone hire me to do a commission piece for them.  The person made a great point that I just can’t get over.  They read my blog and wanted to know more about my failures specifically in art.

I explained my issues with shows and not making any money. They asked about this project and what was the purpose of the blog.  I explained that I was challenging myself as well as hoping to promote and sell my art.  Then they asked how does one make money without selling anything?  Which I had no answer for of course.

Anyway I’m 70+ days into the project and have yet to even offer my art for sale. Which makes me wonder and think back to some of my past let downs and if they were because of simple mistakes.  How many times did I “not offer to sell” and it cost me my goal?

Many times we think that we cannot do something we set out to do when in reality were probably not using all the available tools at our disposal.  I’m curious to find out what other simple things have held others back or I’m I the only simpleton??!!!

With that said I invite you to visit the buy prints button if you would like  prints of my work.

Matte style or gloss

Size 11 x 14 = $80 + $5 for shipping
size 12 x 18 = $110 + $5 for shipping



~ by Warren Stokes on June 26, 2012.

5 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 76 revisited September 4, 2011”

  1. Thanks for the reminder to use another person’s negative energy in a positive way. You helped to refuel my own fire with my photography.

  2. How many times did Edison fail before he succeeded? I rest my case. Sometimes people are hostile because they resent your positive outlook, sometimes they resent your courage. It is hard to do artwork for money, especailly in hard economic times. but the process is the biggest part of what you do as an artist. That’s why classes are so much fun.

    If you believe, then that is your reality, and you will succeed!

  3. Have you considered making a phone App for your puzzles so that people could play them on-the-go? I tend to play more games when I’m stuck out somewhere waiting in a line or on a friend that’s running late. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the reply. I was given a quote of 15-20k to make it into a free app! So thats out of range for me.

      • Why make it free? If there’s a profit potential, you might be able to get some entrepreneurial funding via investor(s)… Sorry, just playing devil’s advocate. People buy add-ons to Angry Birds and Farmville, etc…why not your work?


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