Maze-ing Maze 362

Maze-ing Maze 362

“Dedicated to those who came before me, those that came with me, those that came after me and to those who have yet to come.” Me “The Current Struggle”

Maze 362:  I chose this quote from a poem I wrote because of what today means to my family! Its my Granny’s birthday as well as my oldest son.   Its been a hard year for both of them and I hope that they enjoy the day.

I can’t believe that my oldest is 11 years old.  There were so many nights I prayed to God to give him another day.  (not because he was sick, I was just a sacred daddy worried about SIDS)  It was funny when he was a baby my wife couldn’t get him to go to sleep because he would always want to breast feed.  But with me he would stand in the crib and I would wrap a blanket around his shoulders like a cape.  And he would fall straight back like he was shot and go right to sleep.  He has been a great blessing to me and more than likely saved my life.

Now he is a “grown little boy” and amazes and inspires me with his abilities and talents. Honor roll, entrepreneur, athlete (scored 5 goals in the last game), respectful, well-behaved, and all you could want.

With my Granny I need to make amends with and let her know I still care about and love her.  As I mentioned last post I realize that life is not about looking for love.  It’s about loving those that mean something to you no matter what and letting them know your there.

I now realize and know that she loves me to death when I thought she didn’t care.  Unfortunately her health and memory has declined.  My Mom tells me that she keeps bringing up a story of me.  Its been in the 100’s here in Colorado and when I was 3 years old she was holding me in her arms and I said “Granny you know what?  Its hot out here!”  and she laughed so hard.  And out of all the time we spent together in my 36 years she remembers that even with her memory declining because she loves me!

For years I’ve been mad and angry with many family members because I always would get the how come you don’t call, or it was my birthday or etc comments.  And I would think to myself the mail and phones ring in both directions.  But I know it’s not because they didn’t love me, they feel that I’m tough enough to handle it when maybe they weren’t.  Regardless I have to do what I can do and can control and that’s to let them know how I feel and that I’m here for them regardless of what they have done or haven’t.  Happy Birthday Granny and baby boy!

Warren Stokes


~ by Warren Stokes on June 25, 2012.


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