Maze-ing maze 360

Maze-ing Maze 360


“To achieve your goals you don’t have to give 100% everyday, but everyday give a 100%” Me

So the following post is what I wrote before I quit.  I still have drawn a few mazes since last Thursday but I got home and decided to quit 359 days in.  It didn’t hurt like I thought it would because let’s be real I had 359 up to that point and made so much more progress than I expected.  I quit because I looked at my life and felt I didn’t deserve to complete a goal having lost so much the past year.  My family is falling apart, my business cost us our apartment, and I’m separated from my wife.  So what the hell would make hitting 365 days of mazes any better? 

So moving forward for those visitors that enjoy my work. I will continue to share my new work with you and my daily work will continue with the exception of no deadline on finishing.  Two days a maze is more likely.  I’ve learned so many things that can take my art to the next level and time and experimentation is the best way to express that verses quantity.  However I will share a new major goal that I plan on achieving during the next 365 days.  If I’ve learned anything from this project is that I have to try everyday and give 100% during every attempt. 


Maze 360:  I chose this quote because I was at the library and saw Jessie whom I met years ago.  I told him I was going to make a book of mazes with a game.  I didn’t realize how long ago that was but I’m still not done (the mazes are).  But he said regardless you’ve still been working.  And I realize he was right even if my original project is not finished.  And my thoughts were the quote as stupid as it sounds it makes sense! 

So this morning I woke to another great email.  My friend and mentor Pam Boyd   contacted me because she was visiting Denver and wanted to take me to lunch.  She has a book “The Miracle I Almost Missed” about navagating the “maze” of relationships, featuring my mazes on the cover and throughout the book.—-?keyword=the+miracle+i+almost+missed+navigating+the+relationship+…&store=allproducts&iehack=%E2%98%A0

It was such a treat to share a meal with her and get to meet her in person.  We have shared several conversations about her work, my art, life and relationships over the past few months and meeting was the final piece.  I thanked her for believing in me and my art enough to accompany her words.  Trying to complete a task a day is tough with life and all.  But having angels like Pam emailing me when she can read, or see the depression of life creeping in on my posts has made this crazy year easier. 

So again thank you Pam and her husband Bernie for being fans and believing in the crazy maze man!!!!

~ by Warren Stokes on June 22, 2012.

10 Responses to “Maze-ing maze 360”

  1. I was wondering about you… good to see you’re still pushing forward.

  2. I have admired your tenacity and creativity. I have dozens of your mazes and am awed by them. I will pray for your personal struggles with the hope that resolution will result. Regardless of the outcomes, you sound like you have learned things you would not have learned had you not suffered. I can empathize and sympathize. There are so many things I never thought I’d learn, and so many more I don’t know that scare me to learn.

    Two quotes:
    I love to learn. I hate to be taught.- Ben Franklin
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.- Tom Notke

    I have been encouraged by you, thank you.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement and I’m glad that you found something positive in my art. And stay tuned It will only get better. Just less posts!

  3. Wishing you only the best. Congrats on moving forward. Jay

  4. i think you are a survivor whether you know it or not. Everything in life comes to pass and no situation lasts forever. Art is one of those things that takes time and perserverance that is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Bit by bit it all comes together. Glad to hear about the book cover:)

  5. You have had one of the most challenging years. You have triumphed in ways that are not yet apparent. Please keep sending updates. I have a feeling that after a breather you will be doing truly inspired artwork. Good Job, Warren.

  6. I don’t know how you did it…the brutal task of art on demand…you demanding art from yourself. You are moving forward and am happy I got to experience your journey. Congrats!

  7. at the end of a maze there is light, strive for it =)

  8. You deserve love and light and all the good in life! Please remember that. 🙂

  9. I admire your tenacity and strength and most especially your firm resolve to move forward! I wish you good blessings, stay well and happy with your creativity and friends’support.


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