Maze-ing Maze 359

Maze-ing Maze 359 

“Follow your bliss, and doors will open for you that you never knew existed. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. ” Joseph Campbell

Maze 359:  I chose todays quote because of my belief in the law of attraction.  I wholeheartedly believe we draw in what we need.  So for instance if you are tired of being broke and complain/focus about what you don’t have the universe responds by sending you nothing.  Where if you feel that although your broke the universe will supply you with what you need things will happen.

Case in point, since my move I’ve started to again focus at looking at the positive sides of all situations.  I’ve asked the universe for what I need rather than to tell it what I don’t have.  Since that time I met a new business partner which I needed to help me complete a major business project.

I also needed more employees to help me complete the project.  Yesterday I met two door to door flyer guys who are getting ripped off by their current employer.  Both named Jesus (the Spanish pronunciation) but quite possibly saviors.  And wordpress freshly pressed my site!

To top that off today I woke up thinking how I didn’t have a dime in my pocket but that it would be okay all I needed would be supplied.  Not five minutes out the door I find $11 on the ground in front of an apartment complex that has no less than 3oo residents coming and going.  And then I check my email to find a check from a client waiting for me that was 2 months late.

All these things tell me that I need, no have to focus on the positive and everything will take care of itself through the law of attraction.  That being said I do believe that you have to put in the work as well.  I think that attraction is only attracted to action!

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~ by mazemangriot on June 13, 2012.

8 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 359”

  1. its great that you’re putting your destiny in your own hands, keep it up!

  2. I love what you share, here! A beautiful peace of art, and I totally agree with your words. I recently wrote a little note, myself, regarding the action part.

    I also experience that if I focus on the positive and on what I really want (instead of lack) I will find what I need to go on with what I want.

    For example: My partner and I got caught up in Dublin, Ireland, at the start of the year. What was supposed to be a night transition to the USA with a two or three week stay at my partner’s family became a three month stay in the Irish capital – completely unexpected.
    You would expect that looking for an appartement under these circumstances is quite an effort ant that you’d end up living in a s*** hole for the next three months. – Well, we focused on something more comfortable and the second accomodation we viewed provided even more. So we ended up in a flat that has antique furniture and is part of a Georgian house directly at a canal in one of the most beautiful parts of the town. Plus a super friendly flat owner who did not just let the appartement to us for a good price but also showed us many beautiful places in and around the city.
    It became one of the most beautiful experiences I had up to now and I am so greateful for it.

    Be grateful for what you have, includin the seemingly small things – because there is no such thing as bigger or smaller.
    Expect no less than the best – because you deserve it and so does everybody else.
    Focus on what you love – because your world is your own creation.

    Beautiful to meet likeminded people and see how they experience life. Thanks much!

  3. Totally agree with your post, sometimes you need to be reminded and thanks for doing just that, just what I needed!

  4. Nice quote. It’s great to have the affirmation of real life action for our beliefs. Great story.

  5. So true! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. Keep those good thoughts and hard work going. It all pays off!

    Best wishes!

    • Thanks to all for the comments everyday that I get to share my art and know that people are actually listening to my crazy life as well I appreciate it because thats what I asked for!

  6. You are so right. We create so much of what is going on around us through our choices. Important to make positive ones. I’ve only been a subscriber for a short time, but your mazes are one of my daily highlights.

  7. I LOVE the quote! So true!


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