Maze-ing Maze 351

Maze-ing Maze 351

“You are not alone, I am here with you.” Micheal Jackson

Since I’ve moved I’ve had to walk a few blocks to post my maze.  So this is the second maze I did today but the only one finished.  I did another one and got caught up in life and didn’t think I could finish the maze and post it after walking thru the rain I should add to sit on the side of a Barnes and Noble.

But anyway what a freakin day.  I wrote the majority of this post earlier today to prepare myself for tonight. But so many things happened since that I have to add my life.  Okay so when you see the maze 351 that starts early today.

I saw my muse today after not seeing her for almost two years.  I told her about the site and explained how influential she was in getting me to this point.  It was cool but also unsatisfying.  She was flattered but I guess I expected more.  But after she sees the work maybe she will understand.  We didn’t even exchange phone numbers.  I mentioned her about 100 something mazes ago about her influence on getting me here.

Also I didn’t want to go into full detail as you will read soon about this entire love thing but my marriage all but ended last night leading into today so its been a painfully, chaotic, strange, wonderfully, positively negative day.
And with that I will share more tomorrow so that I don’t lose my computer getting soaked on my run home.

Maze 351:  Wow today is a very monumental day for me.  There are two major things that have happened to me in the past 24 that have shaped my life.  Love and the death of Ray Bradbury.  I chose todays quotes because love is a beautiful and powerful force and Ray Bradbury was a major inspiration in my writing.

Love!  It can make us forget who we are, our religion and beliefs. On a more positive note it can make us change to become a better person, discover our soul and empower us to conquer the world.

But as powerful and addicting it can be it definitely is not the answer to keeping a relationship going.  And its unfortunate that people assume that’s all that’s needed to keep it going.  I realize I was wrong in my own personal relationships.

I’m 36 going on 37 in September and when I was in elementary school (can’t remember the grade) Ray Bradbury came to the school to talk about his career and writing.  I can honestly say that I thought he was dead.  Because 28 to 30 years ago he was already old.  Anyway his talk to us made me want to write books.  You can’t do it anymore but after his talk I wrote a horror story of my school being massacred by a “Jason Vorhees” (friday the 13th) style character.  I can remember sharing it with everyone to get their opinions.

Anyway I wanted to mention him and give props to one of the best writers of all time in sci-fi.  And give thanks to the person who gave me the inspiration to pick up the pen and tell stories.

~ by Warren Stokes on June 6, 2012.


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