Maze-ing Maze 345

Maze-ing Maze 345


“You are my favorite mistake.” Author Unknown

Maze 345:  I chose this quote because I’ve been thinking a lot about the mistakes I’ve made trying to make, raise and participate in a family.  So many wrong turns.  Anyway the quote or in this case the mistake I’m referring to is the art.  How all this came to be was so random.   But after looking at where its taking me I think that maybe it was part of my purpose all along.

This completes the alphabet!  Although I will re-do about 10 of them as I got better the more I did.  Now I need to finish about 5 more numbers and the  mAze B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s book will be complete.

Yesterday I face 50% of the fear about an activity that I wanted to achieve.  Once I go all the way I will share it with you.


~ by mazemangriot on May 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 345”

  1. Love your alphabet idea! I wish I knew someone with an S for their first name to share this with!

  2. I think its in a Cheryl Crow’s song…but maybe she ‘borrowed’ it somewhere else…

  3. oops Sheryl…Crow.

  4. […] Maze-ing Maze 345 […]

  5. Lovely work! Don’t think I’ll look at mazes quite the same again. Thanks for stopping by “The Vampire Diet”…appreciate it!

  6. This is great! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post!


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