Maze-ing Maze 333

Maze-ing maze 333


“I love life because what more is there.”
Anthony Hopkins

Maze 333: Thanks to everyone for the comments and advice.  It feels good to know people out there care about me.  I have to say that I love art and what its done for me.  I have really enjoyed this project and especially the mazes.  Taking an empty page and turning it into an enigma.

Today I didn’t work on getting an agent but focused on me.  I realize after writing yesterdays post that I need to get back to writing in my journal regardless of the blog.  It felt like a release to see and be able to read whats going on.  I think that makes it more of a reality to began to deal with it.

I began tackling the issues by getting on the floor with my boys.  We used to play so many games on the floor and for a while now I hadn’t been just playing with them.  I think that just having fun with an activity (outside of sports) that they enjoy shows them that I’m cool again and not just the ruler of the house.  It felt good to see them build and destroy just as much as it felt good to play.  With summer coming up we are going to spend a lot of time together and my goal is to make it fun in addition to all the things they do.

 We practice sports/exercise for about two hours in the morning daily before it gets hot.  And I also make them study for 2 hours.  Usually reading and some skills that they will use the next year.  But I realize that the exercise sports play (as much fun as they have) may not be daddy sliding on the floor building legos fun that shows them my lighter side.

As I’ve done with this project taking it one maze at a time I plan to do with my laundry list.  But getting back to basics with everyone seems to be the best way of doing it.  I know I feel much better than I did yesterday.

~ by Warren Stokes on May 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 333”

  1. I glad to see you are doing better. One day at a time. Nice maze too.

  2. I love the minimalist quality of the maze. Sometime we need a break form art and design. This comes from a self realization that I am a workaholic, and also that I hate to not do what I said I would do, or not hit a deadline. Since I have been in school, everything else has taken a back seat, and many things have suffered. Good for you!

  3. What a clever idea!


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