Maze-ing maze 329 I cannot be stopped once I’ve made up my mind!

Maze-ing Maze 329

Maze 329:  Today I hit 50,000 page visits for the blog!  So that was a great accomplishment for the project.  Thanks to every single person who has spent time viewing the maze madness that I’ve spilled all over the world-wide web.

I also have a new project with  I will be completing a series of 5 mazes that are geared toward helping people to learn english.  Although I like to use my mazes to educate and inspire people this project can help promote my art outside of the US.

Day 2 mission agent/publisher.  I spent about an hour collecting agent contact info.  Then I started the process of sending out query letters to the list.  I even got rejected 10 minutes after sending one out.  I must have caught the agent at their computer.  She loved the samples but didn’t feel they could be “sold at all” to the children’s industry.  I have to admit I probably didn’t send her the best examples.  Hours later I got another rejection with the agent saying she may want to work with me in the future however.  So that one more NO to add to my list, but oh yea I no longer accept NO.  So its on to the next! And a maybe that I can live with and use as a positive to keep me going.

I also spoke to an author who has become a friend.  She put several of my mazes in her book which will be published in the next few weeks.  She gave me some great ideas as well.

I also spent some time on Linkedin trying to connect with people in the industry.  So the second day was strong but I think that with 28 days remaining I need to come with stronger more aggressive tactics.  I don’t know what yet but my marketing efforts need to be as unique and eye opening as my art.  Again to all the visitors who enjoy my work please feel free to tell the world about my mission!


~ by mazemangriot on May 15, 2012.

5 Responses to “Maze-ing maze 329 I cannot be stopped once I’ve made up my mind!”

  1. When you talk to people do you let them know how successful you have been on wordpress? Also, do you post your work on, or I haven’t really used them much but I hear some people do really well. I tend to do alright finding clients through industry specific online forums (So well in fact that I get too many requests, I have to limit my involvement on those forums in order to work on the projects that I think will be best). Good agents are not that easy to come by, because they don’t always have the kind of vision that you have as an artist. If you want to make books for kids, I think the best thing to do is actually make some books, by hand if need be, show them a product rather than making them imagine it. You can even skip past the agent, go right to a print shop with some drawings and see what kind of products they suggest, find out what it would cost to print it yourself. Then all you have to do is find places that will carry your product. It isn’t easy, but you’ve already learned that. Anyways, I hope this helps. I enjoy your work.

  2. I sign in with my FB name etc, as often as possible. I am in my final term of school and our portfolio class includes some stuff on how to work with linked in, and various things about establishing a professional online portfolio. We only meet once a week. I will pass on what I can.

  3. Wonderful work here!

  4. Hullo, i just dropped in after you popped into the kitchen’s garden. Your work is wonderful.. how exciting.. collect all those no notes and put them in a folder, every single no is one step closer to a yes.. You are way ahead of me, i have not been brave enough to send out any queries about doing a book on the farmy.. c

  5. Keep it up… day someone will say YES!


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