Maze-ing Maze 328

Maze-ing Maze 328


 “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, never submit to failure. Do not be fobbed off with mere personal success or acceptance. You will make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you are generous and true, and also fierce, you cannot hurt the world or even s”
 Winston Churchill 

Maze 328:   I chose today’s quote because I’m fed up with trying to get my art and books published.  NO were not interested, no it’s not the book for us, or my favorite they don’t even read it and respond with the same email I got a year ago with a different book.

So now my feelings have changed about being the nice writer/artist who waits and try again and again to find an agent or get published.  Today I choose to be on the offense and not accept no for an answer.  My goal is to get an agent or publishing deal in the next 30 days.

I spent a few hours today getting contact info for several agents and will begin the journey after this post.  I would also like the help of anyone who reads this post that may have ideas, contacts or whatever can help to achieve my goal!  But regardless I will have success by June 14th.


~ by mazemangriot on May 14, 2012.

18 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 328”

  1. Way to go! No going back. Your work is great and someone’s waiting to publish it.

  2. Would you ever consider crowdfunding? Kickstarter? Your project is unique and I believe uniqueness would get soon recognised and supported?

    • Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I have thought about and will probably self publish my projects but at this moment don’t have the funds to do it. I like the kickstarter idea alot but wonder would anyone donate. But hey we will find out in the next 30 days or should I say 29.

  3. Do you know the MyWANA project by Kristen Lamb?(
    Good luck. Your work is becoming better and better every day; it’s a great honor for me to witness it.

    Waiting for tomorrow post!

  4. your mazes are brilliant, intricate, and very occupying 🙂 … ftw… they deserve to be seen… hope you are successful in your venture…

  5. Hi there, thanks for liking my post – your work is fantastic. I wish you every success. I don’t know whether self-publishing i an option for you becuase of the type of work you produce, but there’s an interesting article here about it
    good luck – will buy your book when I see it out there 🙂

  6. The love the maze and the powerful Churchill quote!

  7. As an aspiring author I feel for you. I have heard a great way to meet both agents and publishers is to go to conventions. Also, in today’s economy you might want to give some thought to self publishing. I really hope it works out for you. The most important thing to do though is keep writing, keep drawing. We do those things not for other people but for ourselves.

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    We shell retweet as much as someone of the publisher see it my friend.You are doing great artwork

  9. Do not worry.That is why You have us.I adore Your work.It is amazing.I did send reblogg to my LinkedIn profile..there are lot of publishers there.

  10. Loving the “expansion” of creativity – your creativity is awesome to begin with – but it seems like you are challenging yourself to unbelievable depths…I continue to stand in awe of your creativity, your application to the quotes, and even the choosing of the quotes…all so powerful…and fun

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  12. That is quite an ambitious goal but I have no doubt that you will find a way to make it happen. One positive thing is that if you are at least getting a ‘no’, then you know that some soul has touched your manuscript. Complete silence, on the other hand, is cruel and unusual punishment for an aspiring author. Keep up the writing!

  13. Thank you for liking my post. Your blog is so cool and you should be published. Question, do you have mazes that are geared towards kids? maybe you could go that route, then branch out to adults after you get published!

  14. I’m really digging this maze . . . kinda yin-yang, sun/moon, dark/light variation, also looks kinda Aztec or maybe old industrial. I like the large nothing in the middle. Very interesting visually. Also, best of luck getting published. It only takes one.

  15. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. As to publishing your work…..”Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” -Basil King

  16. Your concept is unique which makes it viable. I might be able to connect you with some of the people I know. Email me at


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