Maze-ing Maze 317 a tiger with a lion lean?



“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
Dale Carnegie

MAze 317:  I’ve been avoiding drawing cats (lions and tigers) since before the project started.  As I have shared my other  African animals I really wanted to capture the beauty of cats with my mazes.  Fear of drawing a horrible maze has stopped me no less than 30 times.  Today I decided enough is enough of the fear and have challenged myself to step up the final 40+ days and push my comfort zone.  No more simple shapes (except the days where I will be pushing the deadline)

Although I don’t like the tiger I love the fact that I tried and finished it and at least it looks similar to a tiger or more like a lion.  I realize that I will have to figure out how to express the beauty of the tigers stripes and splotches and still have the maze if I want to pull off the mazes I imagine in my mind.

The choice to push myself even further is because avoidance, fear, bad habits, weak work ethic and procrastination have all been major hurdles to reaching my goals.  The past few months I have really been hiding from reality not avoiding the problems that exist in my life.   I NEED TO STOP RUNNING! I NEED TO FACE THE WORLD!  I have lost my habit of seeking a positive and a good attitude for one of depression and worry.

I’ve noticed after the first 80 mazes how the project became more of a daily habit that I had to do like eating or bathing.  At day 317 I now not only have no problems showing up to the pad  everyday but have also altered other parts of my life to make it happen.

When I think that it takes on average or no less than 2 hours to draw, write and post my work I’ve spent a significant amount of time this year working on my craft.  But now I need to have that same focus on drive for the rest of my life.  For my relationships, for my health, for my spirit.  When I think about how unhappy I’ve been for months and yet have so much in my life to be happy and appreciative of it makes me angry to think that I’ve wasted so much time.  I know it’s not easy to always see the positive and realize how good I have it.  But neither is creating a piece of art daily for a year and I’ve kicked that goals ass!

I refuse to be a prisoner to my so called issues, locked in a cage that I have the key to.  During the worst year of my life I’ve been shown and created so many beautiful things and now believe that it happened this way to show that life is great no matter whats going on in life.

Two years ago I wrote a book called Every Moment, about taking advantage of every moment we are given the opportunity to experience.   I’ve been reading the draft the past few days and have been inspired to change my ways and enjoy all that I have in my life.


~ by mazemangriot on May 3, 2012.

12 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 317 a tiger with a lion lean?”

  1. I think the tiger looks quirky and cute!

  2. You are doing wonderful, you are totally living, being, and sharing who you really are all the time. Congratulations on finding the Authenticity of your True self. The cat’s cute…I see your progress in every line!

  3. This is my first visit to your blog and I have to say I’m amazed by your cat maze. I am not very artistic, so I always appreciate those who are. I also liked your words – very positive, uplifting and genuine. They were especially appropriate for me today. So, thank you for sharing yourself with those of us in the cyber world. Your words helped me through a tough day. 🙂

  4. I think your tiger has a wise oriental look:) Yes being creative is all about the ups and downs. I think creativiiy goes hand in hand with depression but yes we have so much to be thankful for we just have to spend a little time focusing on it each day. I find that thanking God for all His given me keeps me from being so downhearted about the things in my life that I find challenging. Life is so complex. For those of us that “practice’ our craft all the little details of living can become overwhelming. But you are doing great just hang in there the end is in sight:)

  5. Beautiful work!

  6. Wow. Your work is beautiful – but even more so is your drive behind it. Love it.

  7. I like your cat. It is cool. they have actually crossed the two Liger, or Tigon depending on which you like. Kinda like a mule.

    I hope you continue with the mazes and the blog when the year is up. I think it is the glue in your life.

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  9. Love this quote! I think you should give yourself some credit for how much you have accomplished. Also, don’t beat yourself up over past or even current procrastination. Look it square in the face then ask yourself, HOW can I overcome this. There are tons of books out there (The War of Art, The Now Habit, etc) that can give you a new way of thinking about this, too. I love that you constantly examine yourself and your life…too few people do that and instead live unconsciously. Just remember that while doing that to also be as compassionate with yourself as you would a child.

  10. Amazing artwork

  11. Wow, I never dreamed that someone was out there creating mazes every day! Gorgeous work and I admire your positive stance on life. My motto is “the relentless pursuit of the positive!” However, it can be difficult to stop, take a moment to regroup and focus on the goal – positive thoughts and life. Thank you for reminding me about this today!


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