Maze-ing Maze 275

Maze-ing Maze 275

"Write badly. Just write a lot of terrible stuff and wait for it to get better. I urge anyone to write badly and deal with the bad feelings that it brings in order to get into the habit of being an habitual writer and present for the good stuff when it comes." Jennifer Egan

Maze 275: I chose this quote because this truly embodies what has happened to me during the course of this project.  I believe that this writer is correct.  One of the best things about my art has been the fact that (unlike my writing) I don’t care what the outcome is.  This allows me freedom and the ability to draw “bad” to find the good and creativity.  In 275 mazes I feel that 50-75 of them have been good and new whereas the other hundred or so have been bad.  By doing it all with-in a year though I really have speeded up the process she describes and I think has enabled me to find the creative good more often than I would have when I used to draw occasionally. 

The moral of this post is to simply to allow yourself to do the bad work and not get frustrated by it.  The bad will allow you to find as well as recognize the good in your actions.  Since starting my project I have started to freeze up and fear doing the drawings because I don’t want them to turn out bad.  This is my opportunity to practice what I preach and complete my new project. 


~ by Warren Stokes on March 22, 2012.

24 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 275”

  1. Hi there…. thanks for stopping by my page. You have a grrreat and an interesting WP . Keep writting because I am a person who like to read during my break or free time.

    Cheers xx

  2. There is no good or bad. Only perception.

  3. Excellent quote and excellent moral. You are doing what more of us should – practise and practise to get more chance of doing good creative work more frequently.
    I like seeing your work and hearing how you are actually using it to work your way through the mazes of your own life and creativity. I wish you the very best – you have the determination to succeed, so you will.

  4. Such good advice. I also worry about writing something bad but you do learn from it. I’ve heard the same sort of thing in the world of retail – your best teacher is your unhappiest customer.

  5. Timely post. I feel “all angles & corners” today. It’s Friday after COB though so they should all smooth out.

  6. I also love the quote. But the content of the blog is spot on. I was a painter before a writer and my mentor said that quantity brings quality, and I’ve applied that to my writing as I did my painting. Little & often, practice makes perfect – it’s all the same thing. But not feeling too ‘precious’ about a project allows you the freedom to explore and express yourself without judgement.

  7. Love your quote today and your work! Keep it up!

  8. Hi there, thanks for liking my post 🙂 your maze’s are totally, well a-maze-ing, not sure if my six year old would be able to do them yet i will try one of them, i will let her pick, thank you

  9. Thanks so much for the like! Returning the compliment and – nice blog

  10. Great maze and mazes you create! Such a true quote. Continued Success with all your works, Jay

  11. Thanks for liking my post. Your work is truly A-mazing 🙂 Keep pushing ahead.

  12. Great post! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog because I might’ve missed finding yours. I love mazes! Always have. Even drew a few many, many, many moons ago (junior high). Sad thing is that through the years I’d forgotten, but as soon as I hopped over to your blog it was like a brilliant flash of light instantly brought that love back into view. Thank you and I can’t wait to look around some more!!

  13. By simply sliding one triangle past itself, then the upthrown side of the one and then the downthrown side of the other.

    The black area indicates where they are in contact across the fault.

    The throw (vertical offset) on the fault increases linearly from zero at the left (the fault tip) until the illustrated beds are completely offset at the right edge of the diagram.

    Example of bad writing…

    I love that you play with symmetry.

  14. Thank you for today’s quote! very much needed!

  15. Thank you first of all for making a visit to my blog. I always try to check out what someone else is doing on theirs when they pay me a visit. I really love the quote from Jennifer Egan and your maze looks very interesting. For a two year period I suffered from really nasty writer’s block until one day I decided to just write anything that I could put down onto a page. If you make art or writing a daily practice then the quality does eventually starts to improve in wonderful ways.

  16. Thank you! Thank Jennifer Egan! And thank YOU! I’ve been going through a hard period with writing…outside problems, not relevant here…and this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  17. Great maze and post! Thanks for sharing.

  18. How true it is!

  19. I can’t imagine any of being bad. Your work amazes me. I know you have heard that one a thousand times but really. It’s mindboggling to me. Cool but mindboggling. Thanks for liking my last post.

  20. Hi. I just want to say thanks for the Like, and for stopping by the blog! I hope to see you there again soon. 😎

  21. The quote and the post really hit home. I am in school, some projects are winners, some I struggle with. In july I head out into the real world, and I will remember this post in particular. AND I thought this maze was one of your winners. Thank you for every day!

  22. WOW. Just another person who REALLY likes this quote 🙂 I like your blog too, I think I’ll be coming back for more.

  23. i have always avoided so much of life for fear of failure. We judge ourselves to such extremes sometimes.
    Thank you for sharing your courage to explore all aspects of your creativity!

  24. Very wise advice… and just what I needed to hear today. 🙂


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