Maze-ing Maze 253

Maze-ing Maze 253

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." Mark Twain

Maze 253:  If you’re a dog owner I would suggest skipping todays post!  So this morning my sons are walking to school and a dog runs up to them and jumps up on my middle son trying to be playful.  My son has been attacked by dogs on three separate occasions and is scared of them.

So he throws his hands in the air scared and was whining.  The owner comes up to him and says how the dog is nice and mocked my sons gestures on how he shouldn’t react that way.  So just so your all caught up I wasn’t there a neighbor witnessed this and told us.  (If I was there this would more than likely have been my first day missing the maze.)

That neighbor followed the guy home and reported him to animal control and then let us know the situation.  I thank her!  So tonight I will actually be going to the guys house to speak with him about the situation.   Although he was correct in how to handle stray dogs he’s a f**king a**hole for doing it.  Reason 1:  9-year-old kid is scared of your dog put him on the leash and leave the kids alone.  Reason 2:  He doesn’t know my sons history at all he just assumes as the majority of dog owners in Denver seem to think that everyone likes dogs. Reason 3: It’s the law! In Denver dogs must be on a leash with the exception in a dog park.

I have reached my limit with this f**king dogs.  Last summer a dog ran up on my middle and youngest and I had to tackle it before it got to my sons.  As my 3 year old screamed in fear the dumbass owner of the dog said please don’t beat up her dog.  As I asked her where was her leash she pointed off in the distance.  As I reminded her of the law she told me to kiss her a**.  Not sorry to my screaming 3-year-old but kiss her a**.  When the reality of the situation is that I could have killed her dog and it would have been her fault because she didn’t use the leash.

Its mind-blowing how out of control dog owners have gotten where I live.  They let their dogs sh*t everywhere in a park where kids play, no leash, they let their dogs run up to strangers jumping and sniffing them.  And the first thing out of their mouths is that the dog is like their child.  Well be a parent then.  Clean up the shit after your kids.  Don’t let your child run up to strangers and sniff their crotch.

I try not to lump all dog owners in the same pile of dog sh*t but it’s getting more and more difficult.  Dogs no matter how close they are to a person are animals period.  A dog can be replaced but humans can’t.  Off my chest!

At this point I should leave it be.  But the angry daddy in me wants to go wring his neck with his dog.  So now my goal is to speak with the owner in a calm manner and explain why besides the law he was wrong.  This ought to make for an interesting post tomorrow.


~ by mazemangriot on February 29, 2012.

10 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 253”

  1. the owners are the problem not the dogs, sorry for your troubles. hope your son is well

  2. Like your maze. Feel sad about that crappy dog owners (there are good ones) & that the dog thing is so awful for you & your son.

  3. I had a similar situation happen at a play structure where a dog charged my kids. The dog owner gave me attitude even though the park was off limits to dogs.

  4. Can’t wait to hear how you handle this one. Have you filed a police report after each incident? Might be good idea, kinda a CYA thing.

    • Thanks to all for the responses. I have reported the incident this summer and the woman today filed a report with animal control. I decided not to go to his house and just wait until morning to walk with the boys. If we see him I will call animal control everytime until he is broke or learns to abide by the law.

  5. I am a dog owner but I agree with you. If the dog can’t be trained to stop jumping on strangers then it needs to be on a lease.

    • No, all dogs need to be on a leash when in public no matter what. No matter how much control you think you have over your dog, you never have 100% control. Also, other people don’t know how controlled your dog is or isn’t and in fear can overreact. But that responsibilty is still on the owner, and anything less of following the leash law is completely selfish and irresponsible. This is coming from a lifeling pet owner (dogs, cats, birds and fish).

      To the OP, so sorry for your experience. I personally think you should go to the person’s house AND file a complaint. Also love your maze and quote.

  6. Dear Sir: I agree with you even though my husband & I are dog owners.Our dogs are never without their leash and we believe it is our responsiblity to pickup after them. I am sorry for the trauma your son had to endure.I would ask you please not to judge or lump all dog owners in the same basket.Please do not punish the dog because of the stupidity of his or her owner! Sincerely

  7. Yup, I agree that dog owners need to leash their dogs.
    You can retain your dignity when you talk to this dog owner. Ask him how he likes to train his dog. Ask if he has children. Do they run around jumping on people? Ask him to leash his dog because you don’t want to have to complain and make things difficult for him. Say it with a smile, even. Your dignity will be the way for you to go away with head high, no matter what his reaction. If your child sees you handle this with grace, he will learn how to do that too. He’ll watch your reactions and copy them. Big order for fathers!

    Later you can cuss. 🙂 NOTE: my little granddaughter learned at age 5 that dogs are not monsters. It took a lot of steady encouragement for her to dare to find out that they aren’t so bad after all. It was a little dog who was afraid of everything that she helped to comfort! A giant step for her, and her life will be much more carefree without that fear.

  8. I this is terrible. You sons should be able to feel safe from animals while walking to school. Unfortunately, dog owners dohave a problem with accepting that dogs can bite and harm young children. A bit selfish on their part. If their child behaved that way a time out would be on the list. Maybe, they should give their dog a time out.
    Like you maze and quote – – – –


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