Maze-ing Maze 240

Maze-ing Maze 240

"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." Samuel Johnson

maze 240: I chose this quote because I feel this quote happening with my productivity.  For  February I have felt like I haven’t been to productive toward my goals.  The majority of my nights I feel as though I wasted the day.  But then I can look back and see a completed maze and realize that I’ve taken a major step.

This tells me that I have gotten so used to drawing a maze that it’s a daily habit now like eating or showering.  The act or completion itself has lost its shine as an accomplishment and has become business as usual.  Although the shine has gone it feels good that the project has turned my art into a daily occurrence or reflex.  I have a feeling after the 365 days I will still be drawing daily mazes for a while.


~ by Warren Stokes on February 16, 2012.

7 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 240”

  1. I am so amazed how your mazes and quotes resonate so often with exactly where I am in my own life and head space. I follow another blog called “The Better Man Project” that is on a similar journey, to break through to the other side so to speak. I’ve been dealing with art and procrastination, and was led to the book I am currently reading called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Highly recommended on this very topic (I did a blog earlier today, too, that has a few quotes from it). Another GREAT book which you probably already know about, that can get you out of that “rut” feeling is The Artist’s Way. But I think that feeling you are experiencing is also part of the process. In acting we call it the Actor’s Faith…that you keep doing the work, knowing that if you are faithful to your practice, eventually what needs and is wanting to emerge will come out the other side.

  2. PS–I like the quote, but I believe they are never too strong to be broken.:)

  3. Maybe it’s a midwinter type of mental weather. I’ve been in a similar place lately, feeling like I get nowhere. But when I step back and consider everything I can see that new habits – ones I want or need to develop – are settling in. (Some days it feels like the new habits are taking over the couch and elbowing everybody else onto the floor, but that’s another story.)

    Anyhow – I bet after getting used to habitual accomplishment, you’ll discover that there’s new and exciting work to do that you would never have noticed without these habits.

    Also, I love mazes, and it’s so exciting to get to see a new one every day! Thank you!!

  4. Your creativity is outstanding and your ability to see and break the chains of habit Fantastic! Your talent and your ability are noticed. What I teach is how to break the chains of habitual limited thinking and how to be more successful in thinking and living. You are truly outpicturing a successful life of creativity and living. Jay

  5. I hope you will continue, perhaps exploring what ever it is you find especially difficult now. Your email reminder in my box every morning is a reassurance that life is normal. At least somewhere in the world.

  6. And I have begun to really enjoy reading the comments of others as well. That maze in my box is often the start of my day, and it starts it off with a reminder to do my best and keep going no matter what, becuase that is what you are doing.

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