Maze-ing Maze 238

Maze-ing Maze 238

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be” Marcel Pagnol

Maze 238: Sticking with yesterday’s post I wanted to share that although this has been the worst few months of my life, I have enjoyed life.  For the first time ever I have learned to see through the hurdles of life without getting stick in them.  When things suck I work hard at looking and appreciating what is good and right in my life and thus far it has worked.

As many have mentioned the past few mazes have been a step in a new direction.  And yes, Mary something is different in the set of mazes you spoke of.  The key is that I’ve been trying to “miniaturize”  my mazes.  I have worked at make smaller mazes with smaller pieces adding more detail as well as stronger illusions within the angles.  Making them smaller seems to give them more of a crisp clean look that leads to better illusions.


~ by mazemangriot on February 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 238”

  1. Great post. Truer words have never been written. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Creating a life for yourself that keeps you a happy and joyful person is about the most important work a person can do! It will make all the difference! You have found something many people NEVEFR find. Congratulations, and thanks for letting us in on the creation your “happy zone.!

  3. Great post and good reminder to self to not whine – even in my own head – ha. Your maze example reminds me of when I was 10 and visited Versailles and ran off to check out the maze hedges in the gardens. At first, I got frustrated, and then had an attitude adjustment and decided it was fun not scary. Once that happened, I found my way out!

  4. Wow this is a really interesting blog! I love stumbling on stuff like this.
    Not sure whether you will read this as you seem busy and have lots of comments but, Jorge Luis Borges was a writer who based his entire collection of short fiction on labyrinths. His work mixed enjoyable stories with so called high philosophy. Every story left me thinking about the mazes we have in our lives. I massively recommend you give him a read if you haven’t already done so.

    Keep it up!


  5. Sweet. Impressive.
    Btw, how long does it take to make one of those? 😀


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