Maze-ing maze 221

Maze-ing Maze 221

"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." Charles Horton Cooley


Maze 221:  Not much to say.  This maze is a re creation of an early maze.  Its chess related and was supposed to give the image of a game in progress.


~ by Warren Stokes on January 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Maze-ing maze 221”

  1. I love it!

  2. I adore the quote! The concept for the artwork is interesting. chess is a very interesting game. My father and I played until I won, then he wouldn’t play with me anymore. I lost interest after that!

  3. Using the right and left side of your brain! Nice

  4. As always, cool mazes. To me, they have a M.C. Escher feel. Partly b/c of the pencil drawings, but there is also something paradoxical about them, like #217. I guess to be like M.C. you have would have to make a maze where the start and finish were the same, i.e. a loop! That may be slightly evil for any users of your maze, but it would be an interesting homage to Escher.

  5. awesome awesome awesome…love it…and thank you for dropping by my place…


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