Maze-ing Maze 210

Maze-ing Maze 210

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Maze 210:  I chose today’s quote in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Yesterday my son was in a hockey tourney and I had spaced using a quote by him.  To be able to stand up against whats wrong in the face of danger is a tough thing to do and I cannot help but be inspired by his courage!

Here is my second maze piece completed for the 11 maze series.  As you can see at the top the size of the original.  Although I made a few differences I think it turned out okay.  I realize by number 11 I will be used to drawing on canvas and make it look a lot better. 

I think my lines don’t end up as strong on canvas as they do paper.


~ by Warren Stokes on January 17, 2012.

11 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 210”

  1. These are really incredible. I wanted to say a-maze-ing but thought it would make you groan too much. 🙂

    Nice work!

  2. Yeah, but how did your son do in the hockey tournament? Don’t leave us hockey fans hanging like that..

    • Sorry about that! They were undefeated in round robin play and lost 6-1 in the semi-finals. It was a good tourney for our team we really needed the wins after a dismal nov/dec.

  3. Phenomenal!

  4. Thank you for the incredible mazes and the inspirational quotes!

  5. Wow…you are very talented! Surely I’m not the first to say you are A~MAZ~ING…but you are!

  6. This has to be one of my favorites! Awesome as always.

  7. Hi, what a neat idea for a blog. I just discovered you, and learned about your determination to create a maze a day. Amazing! I look forward to seeing more.

  8. Hey, really like the quote with this maze..
    Just awesome…

  9. what an awesome maze – love the waves and sailboat!

  10. I really like what you do
    The elephant the light bulbs…
    Thanks for liking my photos
    Please check out my painting’s blog
    That is what I truly love
    hope u like it too


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