Maze-ing Maze 207

Maze-ing Maze 207

"Heroes always look shorter in person." Me

Hero’s always look shorter in person.

Maze 207: Whatta freakin day!!!!!!!!  I chose todays quote because last night at my sons hockey game I saw my hero when I was growing up.  Joe Sakic was my favorite player and I rooted for him from the first time I saw him play until he retired a few years ago.

It was funny being awestruck in front of my son like that.  I was so shocked I didn’t even ask for his autograph.  I couldn’t believe it was him and he took a picture with a kid so I chickened out.

Sakic started out as a hero of mine for what he could do on the ice.  After rooting for him over the years I witnessed a few things he did that I feel help me on a daily basis. Loyalty, patience and hard work.  (Not to say that my parents didn’t teach me any of this) But his loyalty to stay on a losing team and not leave for more money.  A player who finished 8th in scoring all time when he retired could have left that organization at almost any time but stayed.

The patience I learned from him was in his play on and off the ice.  He was loyal and patient enough to stay with the team that drafted him and he won two championships.  Besides being one of the hardest working, fit players he worked hard for his family and community.  We had a blizzard in Denver one year and he hurt his hand removing the snow out the drive way for his family.  He helps keep families fed in the Denver area and is a real class act and reminds me to be patient, loyal and hard-working.

Wow, I can’t believe I saw him!


~ by Warren Stokes on January 14, 2012.

9 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 207”

  1. Great story.

  2. “Hero’s always look shorter in person”
    I laughed out loud at that quote! I’m glad that you got to meet him, but you should’ve gotten his autograph!

  3. Awesome…both your story and your maze. I love the perspective in it! (as well as your perspective on your hero)

  4. They also look shorter without their skates :-))

    What a wonderful story and creative concept! I admire your discipline and commitment. I have a hard enough time posting twice a week.

  5. You so deserved that perk. If you see him again, introduce him to your sons. It will change the dynamic. And yeah skates add a few inches. He sounds like a man worth admiring.

  6. Such fun! Thanks

  7. Good combination of shapes… nice art and expression

  8. Very Cool!

  9. nice maze and true quote. your story reminded me of this scene from the show community…


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