Maze-ing Maze 205


Maze-ing 205

"Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive. Napoleon Hill

Maze 205:  I chose this quote because of the great idea many visitors to the site suggested about turning my letters into a children’s book.  After getting such a good response with the letters I decided to try to publish them as a book for kids. My initial plan was to just use them as a tool for storytelling.  But publishing as a book may just be the book I needed to break into the children’s book industry.

Thanks to all the people who helped me to see what was right in front of me!


~ by mazemangriot on January 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 205”

  1. I love Napolean Hill!!! I have his lectures on tape. Luckily for us recording was available when he was speaking. I know you will succeed, Warren you have all of us behind you.

  2. Wonderful idea for a children’s book!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love your mazes and have only just discovered your blog. I am looking forward to exploring your blog in greater detail. Keep sharing your wonderful work! ~Delena

  4. Nice work…interesting ideas. I am a reading teacher by education and love the idea of using the letters for a children’s book. Creative…keep it up!

  5. Oh my, what great talent you have!

    (Thanks for visiting my blog)

  6. Thanks for liking my post, I really like yours.

  7. very contemporary 🙂

  8. It’a a good idea to publish them for kids as well, it may also help them with cognitive behavior since some of the letters or images are not as easy to distinguish, which will low children to use their imagination, thus allowing them to explore and learn more.


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