Maze-ing Maze 202

Maze-ing 202


Maze 202: I chose todays quote because its my youngest sons first day of school. He’s only 3 and its for less than 3 hours but it’s still school. As with my first two it blows my mind how fast they grow up.  With my first two I took them to their first day and teared up when I left because I couldn’t believe they weren’t babies anymore.  However I have to be honest the best thing about his first day of school means We got the house back again!!!!!! Or at least for three hours.

In addition to todays maze I wanted to share my second completed children’s book about balloons.  I illustrated this story early this summer so the art is just a tad bit better than my first story and is much cleaner.  I chose to just draw things with no backgrounds.  I think I can get better if I dedicate more time to drawing (meaning the stories)

Where Do Balloons Go


~ by Warren Stokes on January 9, 2012.

18 Responses to “Maze-ing Maze 202”

  1. I really like how your turned your love for mazes into a wonderful story. A story full of wonder. A journey worth taking. Wonderful art work.

  2. Thats wonderful

  3. I am loving this book! I can see it being used in the schools. When do you plan on publishing?

  4. That was wae-kool!!!

  5. Very cool!

  6. That is so cool.

  7. Great work. When I saw this U, I thought of a children’s alphabet book of letters with your illustrations. I hope now you are feeling your success.

  8. Your mazes are amazing and inspirational

  9. thanks for the “like” on my recent article. Great work you have going here. What a gift.

  10. Your work is so imaginative. Love it!

  11. Perfect! Today in Houston it has rained buckets.

  12. Very refreshing blog…. loved the maze … I think you are right daily practice does motivate a person more.

  13. Loved the book! Very nice

  14. Wow…this is amazing, thank you for sharing this 365 day journey on your blog. Thanks too for checking out my 100-day journey, looks like I’ve got some more work to do (265 days worth! ha ha!). This is very inspiring, good luck with your future goals.

  15. So creative! I hope your son had a good 1st day : )

  16. Very cute little book!

  17. fantastic combination of art, puzzles and stories! Keep it up!


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