Maze-ing 196

Maze-ing 196

"The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult." Madame Marie du Deffand

Maze 196: I chose this quote because I finally scanned the first of my 3 completed children’s books.  It took months for me to make this step once I decided to move forward.  The part that gets me is that the entire time I was scanning the story I was doubting myself. 

I found problems with the color the art the fact that I wrote it.  Everything was wrong.  And finally I just said f**k it who cares what anyone thinks.  I have been rejected more than 100 times and yet I will soon have a finished product that no matter the look of the art I can share with kids everywhere.  So get over it!

So that first step of  getting the story into the computer and ready for “publication” is over. 


~ by mazemangriot on January 3, 2012.

21 Responses to “Maze-ing 196”

  1. Congratulations! Our gremlins (that inner critic that tells use we aren’t good enough) often are loudest when we are about to step into our greatness. Way to go on pushing through and doing it anyway! That’s how you find success!

  2. That’s the ticket Warren. We all have self-doubt, it’s only natural. Just do what you think is instinctively right and sits well with you. Sometimes the harder you push the more resistance you encounter.

  3. Wow, you do amazing work, keep it up!

  4. I read your elephant story, and loved it! And your art is wonderful. Good luck with the children’s stories, and congratulations on taking a step forward.

  5. This is a really cool piece of work. I said this before, but your courage in being open and vulnerable in your creative goals are inspirational. As an artist/writer with an enterprising spirit, I am always looking for ways to “succeed” (whatever that means) with my work. Perhaps the first step is to be brutally honest with oneself and the world.
    Thanks for posts. Jackie

  6. What an imagination and gift you have. I could cry.

  7. Hi! I love your work! So interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  8. Hello. I am really intrigued with your work, and your interest in children’s lit. It’s so cool that you’re willing to share what you do with the world. You are so right – big publishing contract or not, you will be able to share a finished product with children. How cool is that?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, too. Means a lot, and I hope to see you again. I will for sure be stopping by yours.

    Take care,

  9. My goodness! What an incredible blog. It never occurred to me that the concept was even possible.

    I loved mazes as a kid and used to try to find any new one I could so I could complete it. Then I slowly couldn’t find any and interest dwindled. I feel a great surge coming! 🙂

    One question, do you have a RSS feed I could subscribe? I prefer that over email subscriptions as my inbox is always flooded anyway. I’ve bookmarked your site anyway but an RSS for new posts would be helpful. Cool site!

  10. It’s wonderful to read that you have forged forward despite the many rejections. Congratulations on where you are at right now. Keep your spirits up. You are fantastic in what you do.

  11. Do what makes you happy and never mind anyone else. Good job sticking to what your desires are. 🙂

  12. Perseverance!
    Plus, it is clear you have many followers supporting you. We all have faith in you and your journey!

    P.S. Love the circles along with the sharp lines of the ‘M’. Would you mind if I put this maze on my ‘about page’? [as my name begins with m] I would link to your website if it’s alright for my using.
    Thanks either way! 🙂

  13. Hi,

    Your website isn’t showing on your gravatar 😉

    Thanks for dropping by…

  14. I like the elephant. You do nice work. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you follow me!

  15. I love the “M” of course. 😉

  16. That first step can be the most difficult! it’s difficult to stay motivated sometimes when we can’t see the end result. Thanks for the “like” on my blog…

  17. oh wow, your mazes are well amazing! haha(: you must have a lot of patience for that, but you can see the time really pays off

  18. Congrats Warren,

    I know I am challenged by the inner critic too. That is why I’m learning to celebrate any progress in the direction of my goals as good. As you said,
    the first step is often the hardest.

    Keep on!

  19. Ever thought of an app for mobile devices, using your finger to trace? Your work is beautiful, make sure you watermark it. 🙂

  20. I love the quote and maze!

  21. Very powerful and motivating!! YAY!! You go get ’em!!


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